No words


Yesterday was an unreal day in Belgium. I count myself lucky that I wasn’t in the airport or in the metro when it happened, and everyone I know is safe, but my heart goes out to the victims.

The place in the metro where it happened isn’t really that far from the office I work at. There’s a trainstation right across the street, I take the train there morning and evening, it could have just as easily been targeted. It’s a weird feeling getting on the train again this morning. If I’m honest, even though you don’t want it too, it does affect you more than you’d like, but I’m glad they opened up public transport again so soon because simply put, it’s no use to close it, it could happen any day, everywhere. Yes that’s what the world has come to.

Anyway, this was this morning in the trainstation, not the most ideal situation either. There was only one exit where everybody had to go through between a line of policemen/military men. I don’t know what the use is really but they are trying to take some complimentary measures.


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