The Travelers

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What’s it about?

A pulse-racing international thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Expats and The Accident

It’s 3:00am. Do you know where your husband is?

Meet Will Rhodes: travel writer, recently married, barely solvent, his idealism rapidly giving way to disillusionment and the worry that he’s living the wrong life. Then one night, on assignment for the award-winning Travelers magazine in the wine region of Argentina, a beautiful woman makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Soon Will’s bad choices—and dark secrets—take him across Europe, from a chateau in Bordeaux to a midnight raid on a Paris mansion, from a dive bar in Dublin to a mega-yacht in the Mediterranean and an isolated cabin perched on the rugged cliffs of Iceland. As he’s drawn further into a tangled web of international intrigue, it becomes clear that nothing about Will Rhodes was ever ordinary, that the network of deception ensnaring him is part of an immense and deadly conspiracy with terrifying global implications—and that the people closest to him may pose the greatest threat of all.

It’s 3:00am. Your husband has just become a spy.

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4.5 well-deserved stars! This novel is shrouded in mystery from beginning to end. I have to admit, it took me some 70 pages to really get into the book, to adapt to the painstakingly detailed descriptions (who cares what the whole menu is written on a chalkboard in a restaurant), to adjust to the constant changing of scenery and point of view or the meandering storyline, but THEN suddenly a flip seemed to be switched and I became completely immersed in this whole world in which Will is catapulted.

Will is just your average guy, scrambling to get by, he has financial problems due to the expensive renovation of his house, and things with his wife Chloe are not fantastic either, some issues putting a strain on their marriage. He surely isn’t looking to become a spy but what do you know, he is handpicked and offered a chance he can’t say no to. There is so much going on, we do not only follow Will on his quest to accommodate his second employer, but also get a glimpse of a guy called Raji who monitors the activities of several people, all his clients are coded and he sends his alerts to numerical accounts. Who he’s working for? You don’t know. Then there’s Will’s boss who has a secret windowless little chamber hidden in his office. Hundreds of time I asked myself what exactly was going here and who worked for who.

It’s like a big jigsaw-puzzle and it took a lot of time before all the pieces slotted together but in the end it’s quite brilliant how it all untangled at the exact right time and everything fitted just perfectly. The plotline was really intricate and suspenseful, leading to an amazing grand finale where I held my breath several times.

In the end I felt this book was really quite mind-boggling, you really have to be awake and keep a clear head while reading this one, and it was really worth struggling through the beginning. It does not surprise me one bit that there are already movie rights for this thick tome of a novel. This will make a great movie !

*I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley and Faber and Faber Ltd. in exchange for my honest opinion*


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