Fatal Choices

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What’s it about?

Fatal Choices is set in the small town of Felton, Georgia. The characters are young, inexperienced and hopelessly addicted to drugs.
Dick Gerber, until now, has lived his life with little thought of consequence, but everything drastically changes when he carelessly decides to rip-off a well-known drug dealer by the name of Kenneth Melvin.
Fully convinced that he’s made a clean get-a-way, Dick continues to live his life without concern for a short moment. It doesn’t take him long to realize what a terrible mistake he’s made, when his fifteen-year-old stepson is involved in a drive-by shooting outside his home. He knows right away who’s responsible; however, he’s scared to turn him over to authorities for fear of his family’s as well as his own safety.
Fear and desperation sets in for Dick as Kenneth Melvin continues to threaten his life, causing him to come forward with the truth about the shooting. The police agree to put Dick and his family in protective custody until Kenneth Melvin can be apprehended, but a breech in security on the police force reveals the whereabouts for Dick and his family to Kenneth Melvin, resulting in horror.
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Respect is earned when it’s given. Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Jean is a mother of two girls, Heaven and Ashley, and the materfamilias in this dramatic story about a big dysfunctional family. One side of Jean’s family is confronted with domestic violence; drinking and drugs are an everyday occurrence on the other side of the family. Even though Jean tries to raise her kids with all the right values she can’t stop bad influences on her kids and is faced with painful consequences for her loved ones. The threat of drugs, their devastating effects and where they lead are on the forefront of this novel.

I was very curious for this book and loved the cover when I saw it but I’m sorry to say that it could not really convince me and I was expecting a different kind of read also. I couldn’t really identify with the characters or feel what they were going through, and another reason I felt dejected is also that in the first chapters a whole family tree is lugged at me and I was so afraid to lose the overview that I even made a spreadsheet of all the names and family ties. There are just too many characters and I didn’t know everyone’s importance and on which one of them the story would focus. The fact is that the story focuses on a lot of people and goes a bit all over the place. The person I liked most in this novel was Jean. I liked how she acted as a mother, her thinking and her efforts to do something about certain situations. She’s the kind of mother many people would wish for. With a title called Fatal Choices I had a high expectation of suspense but that did not really come forward enough either, I would categorize it more as drama or contemporary fiction.

* I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review*


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