Remove Before Flight

Remove before flight

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What’s it about?

In the first book of the Taking Flight trilogy, we were along for the ride as college freshman Cory Sorrano started her first year of flight school and found herself in the center of a steamy love triangle between her classmate Samson Wallis and flight instructor Cole Turner. Book One concluded with Cory making a surprising choice – but will she stick to it?

Book Two follows Cory as she begins her summer internship with a charter airline in Washington, D.C. As much as she’s enjoying her work, how will she deal with the office bully or her flirtatious mentor? Meanwhile, Samson is continuing his summer studies at Southern Gulf University. Will he be able to stay focused even as an old love interest begs for his help? And lastly we have Cole, who has graduated and is starting his journey as a professional pilot. He’s struggling to let go of his feelings for Cory and he may have found just the cure for his heartbreak in the form of a sexy Latina pilot named Ana.

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This is the sequel of Taking Flight (Book One in the Taking Flight Trilogy). Read my review of Taking Flight here.

Taking flight


If you are a fan of love triangles, you will looooooove Remove Before Flight. Book Two in the Trilogy focuses on both Cole and Samson again, and all the passion, jealousy, lies, and betrayal that come along with Cory’s feelings for both of them.

Cory left for a summer internship with Monumental in DC, Samson is staying on campus and Cole is staying with Cory’s parents while he becomes a professional pilot working for a commercial line.

The three of them so far apart from each other, you’d think there could not be any problems, but you would be wrong. Even though Cory is with someone now and she has the PERFECT boyfriend, the other guy is always on the outskirts of her thoughts, forever present in the back of her mind. His words that he will always love her, and they could have been good together.. she just can’t let go. It’s kind of fascinating, sweet and ugly at the same time to watch what insecurities and jealousy can do to a perfect relationship.

I can definitely recommend this book to readers who like to read something hot and steamy. There was a lot of sizzling action in many a place. Where Cory still held the V-card firmly in the previous novel, she has turned into a real minx in the sequel. Unfortunately, I’m not really a big fan of a lot of sex in books, unless there is a really good reason to do so or it forms the conclusion of the perfect build-up. I like it to be the cherry on top but I’m really more of a fan for that sweet seductive tension between two characters. Here, I felt it didn’t pull my strings but it’s probably just me. If you’re a fan of On Dublin Street (Samantha Young), or Fifty Shades, this is probably more your kind of book. What I did like were the sweet letters Cory exchanged with Cole and how they got to know each other better. Yes I secretly heart Cole. There is only this real tension for me on the one side so I kind of kept looking forward to reading these parts and rooting for them. I didn’t anticipate though how it would all come crashing down. I can only tell you that Remove Before Flight ends with an amazing cliffhanger.

*I received a free copy of this book from the author and GenuineJenn in exchange for my honest opinion*


3 thoughts on “Remove Before Flight

  1. I’m not really a big fan of love triangles (it has become too mainstream lately) but I like the idea of the flight school. But I guess that’s just a background for the love stories?


    • There are different kinds of love triangles but here.. I’m guessing there will be people who will definitely not approve of what’s going on ;-). Even I was struggling a bit with keeping my symphathy for Cory. Well in the first novel there really are explanations about the procedure when Cory first boards the plane and what she has to say and do before take-off etc. In the second one it’s more in the background as Cory isn’t flying but has to work in an office and she has to prepare a presentation in which she has to pitch what type of plane Monumental should purchase.


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