Need To Find You

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What’s it about?

Yasmine ‘Yaz’ Weeks would prefer to forget her troubled past and the vile crimes committed against her, but when she discovers a hidden memoir in a kidnapped girl’s cell phone, Yaz finds herself on the run with an opportunity for retribution. She soon learns that the memoir has the potential to ruin both the reputation of its late great author, Robert Cornish, as well as the reputations of many influential people.

Whip Billings, an ex-cop, unwittingly becomes entangled in the mystery of the missing phone. Realizing that this newfound memoir could significantly hurt the sales of Cornish’s classic novel, Force of Will, he begins to search for Yaz. But why are the cops, and a mysterious drug kingpin known only as The Viking, also looking for her?

In his quest to find Yaz, Whip uncovers a vast network of political corruption, long hidden family secrets, and a series of reprehensible crimes. As the bodies in town begin to pile up, Whip knows that he must track down Yaz before she also turns up dead.

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Need to Find You was an excellent novel with an intriguing and complex plotline. The characters in this novel are in one word brilliant. Apart from young and fierce Jaz (Jasmine), there is corrupt Assistant Police Chief Haskings and recovering alcoholic and ex-undercover agent Whip Billings, but one of the most mysterious and imaginative characters is The Viking, the guy everything ties back to. The Viking is the drug kingpin in the story, he’s a ruthless killer and there are lots of stories about his horrible acts but few men have actually seen him. He’s like a legend. I wanted to know who it was – if he even really existed – and meet him desperately.

But as much as I was intrigued by the Viking, the most memorable character is Kell. I get the shivers even imagining what he looks like: the guy has jetblack irises, a Celtic cross raised on his forehead, a serpent tongue, a shaved off nose and protruding horns. If I ever have to answer the question which character scared me the most in a novel, there is no question about it that it’s him. He’s pure evil and a whole lot of crazy too because he wants more plastic surgery so he can look like a comic book villain called Golard.

Character development was great and also the plot was exciting to read. All you know at the start is that it all revolves around a writer called Robert Cornish, who published Force of Will. His book is used in every college over the last decades. It was also a very nice touch that there are quotes at the start of each chapter.

Miekela is a university student who found a way to snap pictures of an unpublished manuscript from Cornish, kept locked in a vault of the University of Portland, and is chased by two thugs. Before they grab her, she was able to send her phone flying to Jaz. Jaz has no choice to run, and soon she’s not only running from the Viking’s men but also for the police. Whip is hired to find Miekela but soon finds Jaz’ trail too. Can you see how much there is going on here? There’s a lot of action, lots of villains and different kinds of motives, innocent people Jaz crosses and talks with about the manuscript turn up dead, and it all comes together in the end in a very explosive finale. What’s so special about this manuscript? Why does The Viking want it? You’ll have to read to find out!

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


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