BFF (Blog Friends Forever): The Mystery Corner

Do any of you remember filling out a friendship book when you were (much much) younger? I’m not sure how popular it was and is in other countries, but here it’s still very much in fashion. The idea is to give your book to the kids in your class that you like and then they reply to each of the questions (favorite song, favorite TV-show) and in the end you get a cool souvenir to look back on one day.

I saw this idea on the site of the Dutch blog site Zwartraafje and I thought it would be a nice idea to translate the – in this case book-related – questions and present to you my new blogging friends that I have made friendships with so far.

So the first person who was so super nice to reply to all my questions is Martina. She has a wonderful blog called The Mystery Corner. I can really find myself in her taste in books. If you haven’t done so already, head over there and take a look at my wonderful friend’s blog!

So here goes:

Name: Martina

Age: 26

What did you study or do you study now / what is your current job? I studied business administration and law and after having worked for almost 2 years in an IT Company as a project manager and responsible of the reporting of the department. I decided to study a master in business intelligence and big data. Thankfully I am almost finished ! I will be free as of the end of this month 🙂

Do you have any other hobbies? Apart from reading I like doing sports, blogging and also knitting. I have shared this in another post but I started a jumper (a loooong time ago) and I am almost done!

Your favourite color? Red

Do you collect anything (besides books)? I subscribed to a knitting collection, the magazines teach you how to do it and I have a lot of samples. I have yet to decide what I am going to do with all that! 🙂

What’s the name of the book that you’ve had the longest? Have you read it? This would be “City of beasts” by Isabel Allende. I’ve had it a long time before I read it, but I enjoyed it.

Have you ever regretted a book you purchased? A book that sounded so promising but you wished you’d have spent your money on another book after reading it? Sure, I bought “Follow me” by Angela Clarke. I read so many good reviews about it that I thought I would like it a lot but I was disappointed.

Do you listen to audio books? I have started listening to them recently and must confess that I started to like it. I found out that it helps me to focus on other tasks.

Do you have a favorite genre? Romantic suspense. You have the best suspense lightened with a bit of romance, the best combination to keep you reading.

What is the book highest on your wishlist right now? Brotherhood in Death from JD Robb. I have been wanting to read it since I noticed that it was released. As I want to have the entire collection of the In Death series I am waiting to buy it.

How is your library organized? First I’ve put them based on the authors name, then I organized them by genre.

Do you read more ebooks or physical books? Physical books, though I have moved recently with my boyfriend and I don´t have enough space for all of them so I had to leave some at my parents’ house.

Do you have a favorite book? Mmm this is the hardest question!! I have several favorite books, does that count? One of them is “Jewels of the sun” by Nora Roberts. It has been the best escape when I needed it, it is one of the reasons why my dream trip is Ireland.

What’s the cover in your collection that you’re most proud of?

One of the covers that I like a lot is “One foot in the grove” by Kelly Lane. It’s still pending to be read.

Do you have any idea how many books you own? <100, >100, >200, >300 …? I think more than 100 though it has decreased since I have my dog. When he was alone and felt bored he has eaten a couple or more of my books ! 😦

What’s the title of the last book you purchased?

The last books I bought were “Follow me” by Angela Clark, “One foot in the Grove” by Kelly Lane and “The Iced Princess” by Christine Husom

  One Foot in the Grove (An Olive Grove Mystery) by [Lane, Kelly]   The Iced Princess (A Snow Globe Shop Mystery) by [Husom, Christine]

What was your favorite author when you were a child? My favorite books were “Kika superwitch” I had like 10 books and they were fun.

Foto 5     Foto 6

From which author do you have most books? I had to check, I had my doubts between Mary Higgins Clark, Agatha Christie or Nora Roberts, but the last author was the one to win!

Are there books you’ve read 2 or 3 times? Yes! I have read the Harry Potter’s series several times (I think the third and the fifth book around 4 times).

How many books are there on your Goodreads challenge this year and how many have you read already? I didn´t do a challenge this year. I was busy with work and my master, so I am reading as I go. I do look at my TBR list to figure out my next read.

Can you spell your name with the first letters of titles in your book case (name these titles+authors)?

This was the hardest question hahaha I tried to do it only in English but … not possible!! So I am going to cheat and put both in Spanish and English

M “Muerte en la rectoria” by Michael Innes (“Death at the President´s Lodging”)
A “All that Remains” by Patricia Cornwell
R “Reunion in death” by JD Robb
T “The woman in white” by Wilkie COllins
I “Identidad desconocida” by Patricial Cornwell (“Black Notice”)
N “No one left to tell” by Karen Rose
A “Aurora Boreal” by Nora Roberts (“Northern Lights”)


I really liked getting to know Martina better this way. There’s a lot I didn’t know yet. If anyone else wants to answer these questions for me, let me know and I’ll e-mail them to you!


17 thoughts on “BFF (Blog Friends Forever): The Mystery Corner

  1. This is such a cool idea!
    My and my friends used to keep those books as well when younger 🙂 reading them now brings back so much fond memories but also some mighty laughs… 🙂


  2. This is so fun! I remember those books. In the US, they call them slam books. Or at least that’s what they used to call them when I was younger. They made you fill out all your info and pass it around, but it had a lot of personal stuff in it, so you had to be careful of who you gave it to. I actually got in a ton of trouble my freshman year of high school because of one of those books.


  3. You’ve had fancy jobs and are aiming even higher! That’s admirable. Please enjoy your break from school after you graduate 🙂

    Moving is the worst when you have a large book collection. I had to downsize recently as well and it hurt my soul. 😦


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