The Name a Blog Friend Tag


I found this tag on the Dutch blog Kwanteinwonderland and I really wanted to do this tag too. This seems just such a fun tag and maybe, just maybe, you come across a blog site you don’t know yet and I promise you, they are all so worth discovering!

Okay, so there’s only one rule: answer the questions with the first person you think about, so no overthinking (an ideal tag for me ;-)).

So here goes the Name A Blog Friends:

Who’s Always There


She posts every single day. Beats me how she does it 😉

Who’s Not Afraid to Talk About Tough Issues

A frolic through fiction

Ashleigh often posts discussion posts, starting with her own thoughts and observations. She’s not afraid of another one’s opinion and has respect for every opinion.

Who You’ve Met in Person

The Suspense

OK I haven’t met any other bloggers in person but the one person who knows me perhaps a little more than the rest is Chelsea because she has befriended me on Facebook. That counts a little too right?

Who Likes the Same Books

Hanging with Amanda
There are actually a couple of bloggers that really like the same books. I just know I’ll have to add another book if I dare to take a look at their reviews posts and Amanda has a really dangerous blog for me to visit.

Who Has a Beautiful Blog


I love the colors and the hearts and just about everything !

Who has a Strange/Pretty/Weird Namecaptain's quarters

I don’t even know the name of the woman who’s behind this blog (it’s not even a guy) but all the points go the the pirate captain!

Who Takes Snarky/Irony to a New Level!

Rant and Rave

Do I even need to elaborate? Did you except someone else? I don’t think so either 😉

Who’s a Reading Machine

By the letter book

There are several bloggers that have an insane blog post count, but it’s one thing to write a post, another to write a review post, as you actually have to read a book first. So I choose Sarah Hardy. I don’t know how she does it but she posts so many reviews, of so many amazing books.

I TAG (but feel free to ignore if you don’t want to do this one):

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