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What’s it about?


Recently transferred to the Center Harbor Police Department in the dead of winter, Detective Lucas York is on the downhill slide of a once-promising career when he’s called to Squam Lake where a body lies trapped beneath a thick sheet of ice.

The victim, beautiful and respected, appeared to have the perfect life—a charming husband, an adorable baby boy, an idyllic estate a mere breath away from the lake. She also appears to have the face of a woman with whom Lucas shared a dark, lustful night nearly a decade ago, one that has haunted him into obsession.

It’s been years since Holly Danes has seen her identical twin, a fact she both regrets and rationalizes. Rose had her secrets and it tore them apart, but nothing can prepare Holly for the dangerous world she must infiltrate in order to catch a killer who left no clues. Peeling back the layers of her twin’s troubled past, she slips into Rose’s life in search of answers. And the deadly game of cat and mouse that results traps her with the one man whose need to uncover the truth is as intense as her own. But can she trust Lucas when this case begins to stir the most volatile of human emotions in his heart?

As Lucas and Holly sift through the circumstances of Rose’s increasingly disturbing lifestyle, a stunning discovery changes everything they thought they knew about the enigmatic woman. And when the killer strikes again and again, they are pulled down a deceiving trail of smoke and mirrors, unaware that someone very close to them is the murderous psychopath.

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“… described it as tar. Thick and black and sticky liquid, not yet hardened into asphalt. The heart of a killer.”

Novels with twins seem to be a popular feature lately, I can come up with a few other titles easily. This novel also jumps on the wagon and goes all the way: the focus is very much on their twinship. Some novels pull it off better than others and this one is definitely on the high end of the tipping scale.

Rose calls her twin sister Holly in the last minutes of her life. When Rose started doing drugs, Holly made the decision to step out of her life. It’s been at least 2 years since they last saw each other. Until that phone call from her sister, sounding very distressed. When Holly arrives, however, she is too late and her sister was killed.


By impersonating her sister, unintentional at first by playing dress up in her sister’s clothes, she soon understands this is the best way to get answers to the many questions about her sister’s questionable lifestyle.

The consequence is that she attracts the killer’s attention too, she can barely escape alive when there’s an attack on her own life. Two detectives are assigned to the case but Lucas knows Holly from the past. She chose to walk away from him then and she doesn’t know why but he has her back in this and helps her any way he can. Meanwhile his partner Cody is constantly sniffing around Lucas.

The author did a good job creating much doubt about the characters and letting us try to figure out how it is all pieced together. She throws in another two suspects with Mary Cole (stepdaughter of Lucas’ partner) and her friend Roberta King who had ties to the murder victims and appears to be dodgy and strange. They must be linked in some way but how?

This is a great mystery novel, with a few twists and turns that make the reader think they are on to something but I was clearly unable to determine the killer until the very end. A very good first book in this series that read away easily.

I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


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