The Four Fact Survey Tag

I was tagged by Shameeka @ Shameeka’s Fictional World to do this fun tag. If you haven’t gone over to her blog yet, make sure you do. I’m absolutely jealous how her blog looks like visually and I’m not afraid to admit it. I would love to be able to make my own blog so visually attractive. I read all of her posts, just so I can look at it again :-).

Anyway enough with the fangirling, here are the questions:

1. Four names people call me other than my real name…

  • Ingstje
  • Ingrid (by mistake although I think they do it on purpose, how can you think Ingrid when my name is Inge)
  • Inga (usually English people, they don’t understand me when I spell my name with an E and always try to send me an e-mail at work with my name ending on -A).
  • Princess

2. Four jobs I’ve had…

I have my current job for 14 years now so I have to think a while back but ok, going from furthest back to now:

  • babysitter
  • hostess on big events
  • receptionist
  • secretary

3. Four movies I’ve watched more than once…

  • The Fast and the Furious (any number)
  • Shrek (yay)
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Mission Impossible

4. Four books or authors I would recommend…

  • Linwood Barclay
  • Karin Slaughter
  • Colleen Hoover
  • Barry Lyga

5. Four places I have lived…

  • I have always lived here, although I’ve lived in 3 different cities so far.

6. Four places I’ve visited…

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Portugal

7. Four things I would rather be doing right now…

  • reading
  • finally finding the perfect summer dress
  • receiving a package and unpacking it
  • watching A Monster Calls already (not out yet) or Me Before You with someone who I can talk about it afterwards

8. Four foods I prefer not to eat…

I’m a really difficult eater so there’s lots that I don’t like. In fact I think there is more that I don’t like than that I do like, this is a piece of cake (btw cake is ok – but not with liquor in it):

  • organic meat
  • spicy food
  • oysters
  • olives

9. Four of my favourite foods…

  • pizza
  • French fries
  • chocolate
  • sushi

10. Four tv shows that I watch…

Without a subscription to Netflix, I’m very limited in what I can watch and I haven’t seen ANY of the cool shows.

  • Younger
  • Inkmaster
  • The Blacklist
  • How to Get Away with Murder

11. Four things I’m looking forward to this year…

  • achieving my goodreads challenge
  • my birthday
  • reading another 5-star book
  • barbecue time, it means warm weather and cocktails and eating and being relaxed

12. Four things I’m always saying…

  • euhm
  • I don’t know
  • I guess
  • really?

I’m not a super confident person so there, I guess it shows.

13. Four people I tag…

If you don’t feel like doing it, no problem. And if I didn’t tag you and you feel like doing it, consider yourself tagged. I would love to hear your answers!


12 thoughts on “The Four Fact Survey Tag

  1. That’s a fun tag!
    I want to watch Me Before You too, but I have to wait for the DVD to come out.
    What, no baba au rhum?? It can’t really count as liquor, it’s only rum! :p
    Because of my renewed obsession with books and hubby’s hectic schedule, I have no idea what is cool to watch these days. I haven’t finished my Gilmore Girls Marathon yet, but I’m planning on watching The Night Manager (I need a little Olivia Colman before Broadchurch comes back next year).

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’ll be the last two to see this movie ;-). Oh and I want to see Room too, loved that book. I actually had to google Baba au rhum. Not really my fav dessert I think, even with this little bit of rum. I like tiramisu more! I’m going to look up The Night Manager. I still have to see episodes from Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Breaking Bad, True Detective and I want to see the series that aired on the BBC with Harlan Coben’s books (must be something for me).

      Liked by 1 person

      • I should stop assuming everyone knows my baba au rum! Tiramisus are too heavy for me, haha.
        I stopped watching Pretty Little Liars in the middle of season 5 to start Gilmore Girls, so now I have to catch up on both! But it’s hard to find time when you’re cheating on your TV with your books.


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