Thinking about.. a tattoo

So I’m thinking about getting another tattoo. Another yes, because I have one. I hope that doesn’t change the way you are thinking about me. I know it shouldn’t and the world has changed so people don’t think so badly about tattooed people anymore but still. I have to say too that most people are very very surprised if they hear I have one. It seems it doesn’t fit with the image they have of me in general but so I do and I don’t regret it for one second.

I always said I didn’t want more than one but now I’ve been thinking about a second one for over a year now and still haven’t decided. Maybe it’s time to get someone else’s opinion (and confuse me even more ;-)).

You can’t discuss the taste in tattoos so I’m quite glad I know what I want AND where I want it, so that’s something already. I want a text tattoo on my side, the only thing I can’t decide is the text itself.

This is where I want it:

               Tattoo side            Tattoo side 2

So here are some of my nominees. If there’s nothing that takes your fancy, I completely understand, but if you feel something for one of them, please let me know.


The woods are lovely dark and deep
but I have promises to keep
and miles to go
before I go to sleep

I like it because it reminds me to not give up on life


But without the dark,
we’d never see the stars

Yep, I’m attracted to quotes with reference to dark and opposites. I’d much rather have that than Carpe Diem.


Everybody wants happiness
nobody wants pain
But you can’t have a rainbow
without a little rain


You are
my sugar rush
my cocaine bliss
my illegal high
my perfect kiss

I really like that one, it’s one of my favorites, and it’s one of the few that are so positive. But will it still be fitting when I’m 75 I wonder?


Let me be patient, let me be kind
make me unselfish, without being blind.
I may have faith to make mountains fall
but I lack love then I am nothing at all

Tattoo let me be patient

Maybe just the first one then because I think it’s way too long for my side.


Every storm has a last raindrop
just like the darkness turns to dawn


How can there be light if there is no dark?


Never run faster than your guardian angel can fly

I like that one because it would be connected to my other tattoo (angel wings on my back)


I wear my scars as my best attire.
A stunning dress of hellfire.


 A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep

Personally this is my least favorite one because I don’t consider myself a tiger but I like the quote on itself, and this makes an even 10 quotes.

If I can’t find the right quote, I might go with this one :

Tattoo 1

So what do you think? Any thoughts/opinions?


24 thoughts on “Thinking about.. a tattoo

  1. Definitely has to be number: 2. It’s a quality dark quote.

    Are all the choices actual quotes or have you written the words yourself?

    There really shouldn’t be any stigma about tattoos in today’s day and age, they don’t change who you are as a person and often times have a story to tell. 😀

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  2. I like 1 and 5, but maybe it is because I can relate on a personal level to those quotes in particular. #2 is a great quote as well though. So odd you posted this. I just spent the weekend talking to my partner about wanting another tattoo. Excited to see what you choose!

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  3. I really like #2 as well… and as yourself have been pondering about another tattoo… I want loads of them! XD Of course in places I can cover…
    I was thinking- “I live. I die. I live again.” for some reason it speaks to me.. but all your quotes are mega… not sure how you’re going to choose only one from there! XD

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  4. I’d go with number 2. I agree with everyone else. I don’t have any tattoos. I like them, but I’m a giant baby when it comes to it. I can’t think of a single thing I’d want either. Maybe cause I’ve never really considered getting one.


      • Good choice! I bet the pink would’ve faded by now. I’ve seen some tats on older people with light colors and they don’t hold up well. My brother is a walking tattoo and my best friend has a ton. I’m actually surprised I never got one after all these years. I couldn’t think of anything good. I know she regretted the one she got that said love for some dude she was dating. Then she he had to get this massive tat to cover it up. It was a real pain to cover up the new one for her wedding because it had some color in it. Anyways, yeah I’d stick with black or a dark color.


  5. I love this idea! Of all these quotes, #2 is definitely my favorite. I have been thinking of getting another tattoo myself, but the one I want is kind of big and a lot of $$$. Also, I think tattoos nowadays are not seen as badly as before… And in the end it IS your body and decision in the first place. 🙂


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