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So I thought I’d let you see what other things I review. It’s weird right, I get sent these items, and I’m really grateful to receive them for review, but I would gladly trade some if it would mean I would get an actual book. It’s unbelievable right that it’s harder to get offered a hard copy of a book for review than a bathroom scale?

Anyway, for those of you who think this is really cool, it means a lot of work too because I’m getting a LOT of mails per day (I’m thinking there must be lists or something and they put me on there) but I only got a few items in the very end so far (it’s mostly promocodes, or a discount etc that they offer too). There is also the fact that I don’t live in the UK and I’m not eligible for free shipping from Amazon, so I only accept things if they are willing to send it to me and that reduces everything 10 times. If I really lived in the UK, I think my house would be a lot fuller by now.

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you with my actual reviews but here are some of the items I got to review since I have my blog. I am happy to say that apart from one item (a one size fits all blouse that I didn’t find very flattering and was much darker than was promised), I felt that all the items were really good. At first I thought the pink gloves were just ‘too much’ but I still use them almost every day when I have to get something warm out of the oven or microwave.

Digital Body Fat Analyzer Bathroom Scale, 400lb/180kg, Measures Weight, Body Fat, Bone, Muscle, BMI and More

11lb/5kg Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Food Scale, with Mixing Bowl, White Backlight, Kitchen Timer and Temperature Sensor

Newest Heat Resistant Silicone Kitchen and BBQ Gloves-Perfect Oven Gloves,Great for Cooking,Boiling for Water Proof,Dishwasher Safe,and Outperforms Oven Mitts & Any Other Related Product- Flexible,Versatile,and Engineered with a Superb Grip

Lightweight Travel Gear Packable Daypack

Bracelet with magnets for arthritis

(FYI this actually isn’t my arm in the first picture.. my arm was too thin to be a good fit so I had my colleague pose for me ;-)).

White Gold Plated Swarovski elements “Starry Night” Heart Necklace With Gift Box 

Resolution High Accuracy Digital Handheld pH Meter Pen Tester with Automatic Temperature Compensation, Yellow

This was really a really fun one, I felt like a crazy scientist when I had to calibrate this 🙂

Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Aluminium Alloy Earphones with Built-in Mic, Apt-X, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation, IPX4 Sweatproof Earbuds for iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy and Other Android Phones, Storage Case Included, Black/Silver

Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / iPod touch 5G / iPod nano 7G (Space Grey)

OK I’m just going to let you read one of ’em for this iPhone 6Plus cover I got (and which was difficult to review without an actual phone for it):

My review

So ladies, if you ever want to give your significant other a nice present and you ask which type of iPhone they have, be sure to ask twice! I’m just glad I have the proof on my cellphone or it would be word against word ;-). So to share all, he said he had an iPhone 6plus but obviously he has an iPhone 6s. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on his part at the time, his 6s is like taking it up against Goliath really, it’s that much difference in size. For your info an iPhone 6plus phone case measures 15,5 cm in length and 7,5 cm in width.

Anyway let’s move on, so I received a very nice box with the Shieldon logo on it.. he had no idea what to expect and when he opened it, he still didn’t know because the high quality iPhone case was wrapped in a soft fabric envelope. Unwrapping that, it revealed the delicately packaged iPhone cover case made of 100% real leather. There was even a little tag on it, a little reminder of the authenticity of the leather.

The case has a magnetic clip which makes it easy to keep everything inside secure but the clip can even be flipped and magnetically secured to the back so there’s nothing flapping around while you are on the phone calling (you can call with the case closed too but I think that looks weird) or when you need to text. So I can agree that this case will protect your phone adequately, but it has few additional perks too that not all other phone cases have. It can also easily take up to 3 cards into each of the three slots on the left side, so that’s 9 cards while still looking just as slim, and there is also another compartment behind them where you can easily tuck away some folded bills. In a way it can carry most of what you need in a day so that makes it a great iPhone case. Finally, it includes a stand feature that is easy to set and manipulate, so you can put your phone also in a horizontal position.

Overall, I like the classy look and luxurious feel of this phone case. Too bad he won’t be able to enjoy any of it ;-).

So there, now you see what keeps me busy !

Until next time, have a nice day !

3 thoughts on “My other reviews

  1. That’s kinda cool that they send things to you. I would’ve never thought a company would send me things to review for a book blog. Still, who doesn’t love free stuff and at least they’re all things you can use. 🙂 And your man even got something out of the deal so that’s cool. I had an iPhone case sort of like that years ago. It was Michael Kors. He’s an American fashion designer I’m not sure if they sell his clothes there or not, but I love his designs and he made this cool case that I loved. You put the cards and money in this little pocket on the back of the phone. It was perfect for when I went to the bar. Those days are long gone now that I’m old. 😂 Well, older. Ha!

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    • It’s not through my blog, it’s through my Amazon account they find me apparently. Michael Kors is very hot here.. lots of people here have his handbags, it’s really IN to have one of them nowadays. He’s kind of expensive ;-). I don’t even have a phone case for mine but then I don’t really have something you can call a phone either.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I should review more on Amazon. I buy tons of stuff from them. It must be the cost to import them because Michael Kors is not expensive here. Well, in comparison to what I normally buy, which is all imports, it’s cheaper. 🙂


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