New BFF: Books, Vertigo and Tea


Hi everybody!

I have a new BFF (Blog Friend Forever). I invite you all to meet Danielle. We’ve only been friends very recently, having discovered each other’s sites only a few weeks ago, but she’s such a warm, friendly and very cool lady (she’s into tattoos too btw). She’s fairly new to blogging (from June 2016) so go over there if you get the chance and take a look because she has a wonderful blog called Books, Vertigo and Tea and she’s really good at it too!

So here’s a little something about the person behind the blog:

Patricia “Danielle” – I have always gone by simply Dee or Danielle. My first name has never served much more of a purpose aside from legalities.

I will refer to myself as a very youthful mid-thirties. Life is too short to adult full time.

What did you study or do you study now / what is your current job?
Everything healthcare related and a side of art history. CPhTMemeRandom huh? I am a licensed pharmacy technician and practical nurse. I currently work in a rapidly growing veterinary pharmacy. I love it! We have dogs in the office daily. How can you complain about this!? The only downside is being yelled at consistently by pet owners who forget to fill medications in a timely manner. This is my fault how? Take better care of Benji! Just saying..

Do you have any other hobbies?
Ah, yes I do! Aside from also writing, I sketch and play video games (I used to be pretty hardcore). I am a huge anime and manga fan. So I can be caught lying around the house sketching and watching anime. I love animation in general. I also enjoy “adult” coloring for stress relief. Although I am not sure if it is the coloring or the accompanying wine that is stress relieving. I am seriously just an overgrown child that is allowed to drink 😉 Not sure if this is a great combination, but it sure is fun!

Your favourite color? 
Blue!! All shades of blue and earthy tones such as green and brown. I find these colors to be the most relaxing. I do not have a huge knack for decorating, but I fill my home with colors that promote good energy and these are my favorite.

Do you collect anything (besides books)?
Manatees! I always enjoy the puzzled reaction that solicits. But I adore these big squishy cows of the sea. I have manatee tea infuser, stuffed animals, you name it.


I also have a large collection of tea cups and pots, and pick up anything I can pertaining to Alice in Wonderland. I recently decorated my entryway in a Wonderland theme. So how stoked was I to receive this teapot from a dear friend?! Double score!


What’s the name of the book that you’ve had the longest? Have you read it?
The hobbit

The Hobbit, Or There and Back Again” by J.R.R. Tolkien. Have I read it?! Come on! That book is the very reason I read.


Have you ever regretted a book you purchased? A book that sounded so promising but you wished you’d have spent your money on another book after reading it? 
Hmm, there was this romance title several years ago. You know one of those sleazy Harlequin books that line the supermarket walls. Supermarket should have been my first clue. I do not even remember the name of it now. I do not normally get into romance reads, especially mass produced titles such as that, but I was curious and bored. It was an impulse buy. I am bad about doing that. I think I made it about 30% through before pitching it in the trash. I would normally never dream of trashing a book, but it didn’t even qualify as real reading material in my opinion. Sorry Harlequin, but what the hell is this stuff?

Do you listen to audio books?

So funny that you ask. I just recently listened to my first audiobook. It was “Dumplin” by Julie Murphy. I have never been a huge fan of the idea though I appreciate and understand the concept, but damn these brain lesions! I find that sometimes the vertigo and pain are so bad that I can only lay in the dark. So I made the leap. I was not a fan of the narrator but I imagine this is something I will try again. It was a valid form of entertainment while curled up in a ball under my comforter.


Do you have a favorite genre?
Dystopian all the way! There is something reassuring about reading of unpleasant and totalitarian environments that makes me feel so much better about my own haha. I enjoy anything fantasy though. Seriously! Any the more elves or fae, the better!

Capture 3

Source (quiz)

What is the book highest on your wishlist right now?
Ugh, this will probably change by the time you receive this response. I change my mind so fast and frequently. I am what I like to call, a bipolar bibliophile. Currently though I am going to say “This Is Where It Ends” by Marieke Nijkamp. It is not fantasy based, but something about this is really appealing to me. We will see. I am in dire need of “Scarlet” by Marissa Meyer. I just read “Cinder” and I am hooked.



Do you read more ebooks or physical books? 
Physical! Love the smell and feel of books. Nothing beats them. I am a bonafide book sniffer.

How is your library organized? 
Alphabetically by author. I love seeing all of the color organized shelves, but I need to be able to find stuff. Know what I mean? So currently, the ones that fit on my shelf are in order, but I now have overflow onto my desk and in other areas of the home. Time for another trip to IKEA. It is currently a pleasant mess in my nook.

Do you have a favorite book?
Duh! “The Hobbit, Or There and Back Again”. This book introduced me to fantasy and started my very love of reading. At the time, I think I was 8 or so, I had never experienced anything like it. I remember having to reread certain sections because I struggled with the dialect, but it was amazing!


What’s the cover in your collection that you’re most proud of?
Oh well, this is tough. Most of the titles I read are not very colorful or catching in terms of covers. I do have a foil set of “The Hunger Games Trilogy” by Suzanne Collins that I favor. I tend to get more excited about book maps. That is my thing. It’s like a second birthday when I open I book to discover a map. It appeals to my inner nerd in a huge way!

Do you have any idea how many books you own? <100, >100, >200, >300 …?
We are well over the 300 mark. I have books stashed all over my house. I have even found stacks in my laundry room? Don’t ask, because I do not know. I refuse to get rid of them. I feel like each story becomes a part of me, so my partner just makes sporadic trips to IKEA for another Billy and we continue to make room. Is that bad?

What’s the title of the last book you purchased?
The Art of Being Normal” by Lisa Williamson.


What was your favorite author when you were a child?
J.R.R. Tolkien and L.M. Montgomery. Oh how I adored Anne Shirley.

From which author do you have most books?
Stephen King holds the most space on my shelves with a grand total of 31 book so far, not counting ebooks.

Are there books you’ve read 2 or 3 times?
Several which include: “The Hobbit, Or There and Back Again” by J.R.R. Tolkien, “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle and several Stephen King titles.  I am a re-reader. Books are the same as a good film as far as I am concerned. I always revisit the great ones.

How many books are there on your Goodreads challenge this year and how many have you read already?
My challenge for Goodreads is currently 70 books. I am at 58 as of writing this. I have increased it several times. I did not realize I would have to drop to part time and be stuck indoors so much when I originally set the mark. So each time I nearly reach my goal, I bump it up again.

Can you spell your name with the first letters of titles in your book case (name these titles+authors)?

D – “Dune” by Frank Herbert
A – “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll
N- “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman
I – “Interview With a Vampire” by Anne Rice
E – “Eragon” by Christopher Paolini
L – “Lirael” by Garth Nix
L – “(The) Light Fantastic” by Terry Pratchett
E – “Everything’s Eventual” by Stephen King

Thank you Danielle for sharing so much about you! If there are other bloggers who want to participate and answer my questions on my blog, let me know, I’d love to get to know you!


24 thoughts on “New BFF: Books, Vertigo and Tea

  1. Reblogged this on Books, Vertigo and Tea and commented:
    Recently I had the great pleasure of getting to know another wonderful blogger Inge @The Belgian Reviewer. I am super excited that she has included me in her BFF (Blog Friends Forever). This was so fun and she is amazing. I am thrilled to have made this wonderful friend. Her blog is incredible! I cannot rave enough about how her reviews ❤ Stop by and check out The Belgian Reviewer. I guarantee you are going to want to follow this incredible blog!

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  2. I already knew I was digging Danielle, but the fondness has grown even more <3. Teapots! Omg, I LOVE the idea of a Wonderland for basically any space inside the house. And that teapot *heart-shaped eyes*. Mid-thirties adolescents all the way *fist bumps*! Dogs, colouring books and listening to audiobooks in the dark because it's the only thing your brain can handle at that moment. Needless to say, I love this post and the little extras Inge added to it :). You guys are awesome. Oooh, and what video games did you play hardcore? 😮

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    • Oh Anne haha. Making me confess *blush*. I was a raid and guild leader for WoW and was way into Red Dead Redemption and the Bioshock series for a bit. Oh and Zombies on Black Ops. Sigh.. my inner nerd just totally busted out. I just love games to be honest. Reading, games and old sci-fi and fantasy films are my ultimate escape at times. *double fist bump* on mid thirty adolescents 😉

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      • LMAO, I knew it!! Nobody says hardcore without having been involved in WoW :’). Another fist bump there! I was a guild leader as well, but delegated the raid leading to my two officers because I turned out to be too nice for raid leading xD. I couldn’t yell at people or give them -DKP properly at all! When did you quit? I stopped playing about 5 years ago, but snoop around for a few month with every expansion. Like the upcoming one ^^. I would’ve loved to play the other games you mentioned there as well, but FPS’s make me extremely nauseous. You’re my kind of girl dude! 😉

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      • Anne we are like twinsies haha! I also left raiding around 5 years ago when I transitioned to Portland from Ohio! I still sneak back and also poke around with each expansion. I try to wait until a price drop though if I can refrain long enough 😉 I keep two account to play in when I get the “itch”. FPS have sadly became a thing of the past. Since these stupid brain lesions, I usually get about 5 to 10 minutes in until I am seriously sick. I stinks.

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      • My sister from another mister xD. I pre-ordered a physical copy of Legion for only 32 euros, thinking I could sneak in before the 30th of August and try out a demon hunter. But obviously that only applies to buying it online (via Blizzard at least) because I have to wait for my key to arrive :F. At least I didn’t reactivate my subscription! Oh man *low fives*, FPS + dysfunctional brain= shit.

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