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Thank you Donna @ Chocolatenwaffles‘ blog for tagging me! Anyone who hasn’t been over to her blog, it’s not about waffles – well not really (although she talks often about waffles) – but all about the best books out there. Go on then and take a look at her fab blog!


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  • Answer the questions the best you can. If you don’t use NetGalley, you can substitute other sites or places where you get books!
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Auto-Approved: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they’re about?
This might sound like I’m singing the same tune again but Colleen Hoover for sure (although I don’t think she uses Netgalley). There are a few other authors as well like Linwood Barclay (requested on Netgalley with a wishbone even as his latest book Twenty-Three is not for review in Europe but nada), Tom Bale and Robert Bryndza.

Request: What makes you want to request a book that you see on NetGalley?
Well I detect some sort of a pattern developing by now and it goes a little something like this: I usually read a review of a book on another blog or on Goodreads and then I really want to read that one too. So I go over to NetGalley and request that book. At the same time I happen to check the other books in my favorite categories and then I see a familiar author name or an intriguing cover and I decide to click again (and again and again).

Feedback Ratio: Do you review every book you read? If not, how do you decide what books to review?
Yes I do review every book, I have always reviewed all my reads on Goodreads so I continued to do so when I started my blog. I feel that it shouldn’t only be about the good books. I’m personally happy with a review from someone with a similar book taste who warns me about a book that wasn’t all that good too.

Badges: If you could create your own badge to display on your blog, what would it be for?
I don’t know this one. Maybe Master sleuth? Or Member of TBC (a supersecret book club).

                                                                 badge 02    badge 01

Wish for It: What’s one book that you are absolutely dying to read?
I still want to read It Ends With Us but I’m kind of savoring the anticipation and waiting because it’ll be a long wait for her next novel and as long as I’ve not read it I have something to look forward too. It’s twisted psychology I know but it works for me.

2016 NetGalley Challenge: What was the last book that you received as an ARC that you reviewed? If you’ve never received an ARC, what’s the last book you reviewed?
The last ARC I received was All Fall Down from Tom Bale. So happy I was accepted and such a great read.

Tagging (as always feel free to ignore if you’re not interested)

Valerie @ Little Dutch Bookshop
Emily @ A Keyboard and an Open Mind
Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense
Ashley @ Constantlywithabook
You if you want to do it

17 thoughts on “The Netgalley Book Tag

    • Thanks but no, I’m currently at 76. My requested and feedback doesn’t match either although I always sent reviews. Maybe not before publication day though and that explains it. I feel I owe it to the author to read and review their book, and I only request books that I really want to read. I’ve 3 books to go, but when I go back to review my last one, then it gets dangerous to click-click-click again.

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  1. I can’t help talking about waffles :$
    I look for books the same way you do. Usually a review sends me to the site and then I browse into the category. Or I’ll be lurked back on NetGalley by the tweet of one of the publishers!
    I try to read all of the books I receive but I’ve been struggling with one about yoga that I don’t agree with, so I’ll just apologize and not review it.
    TBC is the name of Bordeaux’s city transportation service, hahaha

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      • I know what you mean. She even wrote a blog post not that long ago about how she doesn’t have time to interact with fans anymore. 😂 That CoHo is a heartbreaker. I can’t wait for you to read It Ends With Us so we can chat. I’m having CoHo withdraw. Need more books!


      • I can imagine. I once read where she’s coming from, living in rather hard circulstances, writing in between things, her life must have changed drastically and she still seems so nice. I actually have the book already on my computer and only need to drag it to my ereader but I’m still holding out. It won’t be too much longer I think though ;-).


  2. I feel the same way about not-so-good reviews, I also want to know if someone didn’t like one! And yes, All fall down was pretty great 🤗!


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