Thank you

Dear You,

Thank you for your support !

I’ve let the mention of 100 follows pass me by but now I just want to tell you I can’t believe there are 200 people who found me and who thought I had something interesting to say. I am very grateful, so THANK YOU!


I also got the notification recently that I reached a 100 posts but with all the comments after that I was just too late to get to that notification again ;-). It’s hard to believe that I already posted 100 different times because it really doesn’t feel like it. Me thinks I can call myself a real blogger now.

Just one more thing I want to share on this special occasion. I’m a fan of the statistics really and I think it’s soooo cool to see where everyone is from. Most of my visitors come from the US (that’s you Jill and Danielle), followed by the UK and then my own country apparently. But I also have (I feel like I’m adding to my collection of stamps here): Venezuela, Panama, Chile, Poland, Macedonia.. These places are all so far away and they came to look at this shrimp’s little site so yay :-).



Thanks for visiting me again and all of you, have a wonderful day !!


29 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Good job!! 😀 It’s annoying that those notifications go away eh? If you don’t respond to some comments in a timely manner, they’ll just disappear from the notification tab. SO lame. But a belated congrats for the 100 followers as well ;). I think the country stats are so awesome. I had a lot of views from Ghana awhile back and I was like WHOA! I didn’t even know they had sufficient internet access there (I know, very prejudiced of me), let alone look at our puny blogs! 😀

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  2. Congratulations!! I love the country stats, I discovered new names, haha! I never knew what jersey was! I had to google it. Anyway, you’re doing an amazing job, here’s to another 100!!


  3. Congrats, Inge! That’s so cool I’m your US girl. Go me! 🙂 A lot of my followers are from the US and UK. That’s seems to be where the biggest numbers are but look at all those countries you’ve got there. 🤗 I didn’t get a follow notification for months for my blog. It was like WP was broken. I remember when I first started my blog I was like who is going to follow me? Lol. It’s crazy when you get the first one and then you get 200. That’s super cool. Awesome milestone! And I agree with Liz and Drew. You’ve always been a legit blogger. Numbers don’t matter. I can’t wait to crap up your blog on Wednesday with my interview of filth. 😂


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