Book junkie or not?


I got this blog post idea from Jade over @ Drink Coffee and Read Books (an original idea of Eve @ Eve Messenger’s Otherworldly Endeavors) and I love quizzes and trivia questions and all, so this sounded like a great idea. Here goes:

Directions: Mark each statement that applies to you.

red-cross-2 1. I have dropped a book on my face. More than once.

tick 2. On social media, I follow writers, not singers and movie stars.

tick 3. “Unputdownable” IS a word.

tick 4. My idea of a great weekend is starting a new book.

red-cross-2  5. My fingers type “Google” into the web address bar but somehow I keeping winding up at Goodreads. [No, I have a shortcut in my favorites bar for Goodreads so that’s even quicker if I want to go there]

tick 6. If I leave the house without a book I feel naked   I have a mini-panic attack. I never leave the house without a book.

tick7. I freely admit I’ve hugged, kissed and/or lovingly patted a book.

red-cross-2 8. My favourite thing in my wallet is my library card.

red-cross-2 9. I plan road trips just to listen to audio books.

red-cross-2 10. While reading a book I am oblivious to the outside world. People can shout my name, gesture rudely, but short of bodily injury, I will not notice them.

tick11. I’m happy if there’s a long wait at the mechanic/doctor’s office/airport because it means I get to read.

tick12. When putting together a travel checklist, my first item is always: “books to read.”

tick13. In lines or at doctor’s offices, when everyone else around me is tapping out messages on their cell phones, my face is buried in a book.

tick14. If a novel I’m reading has a plot twist I wholeheartedly disagree with, I will complain, out loud, to my book.

tick15. When I discover a new book I’d like to read, the first thing I do is to list it as “want to read” on Goodreads. Then I blog about it.

red-cross-2 16. If I reach for a book, my household pets jump onto my favourite reading chair.

red-cross-217. My favourite historical figure is Booker T. Washington.

tick 18. When I meet new people, the first question I ask is, “What kinds of books do you like to read?”

tick19. The only thing better than buying new books is when someone reads—and likes—a book I’ve recommended to them.

tick20. I read posts entitled “How to Tell if You’re a Book Junkie.”

If you marked ONE OR MORE of the above boxes, you are a bookie junkie and are hereby awarded this badge. Wear it with pride.


13/20. I’m a proud Book Junkie, although I was kind of expecting my score to be higher than this.

Are you a book junkie and do you have a higher score? Let me know!


22 thoughts on “Book junkie or not?

  1. I’m a book junkie! I got 12/20. When I meet a new person, I don’t ask: Where do you live? What do you do? I don’t even ask: what is your name? Instead, I ask: what books do you read? You can always tell a person by their answer. Of course you might meet someone who doesn’t read (AT ALL) so you immediately hit a dead-end. But there might be someone who excitedly tells you about her favorite reads – the same reads you love – and bam! you’ve made a friend for life.
    BTW: I also tend to gravitate towards people who have dogs, too.
    Great quiz. Thank you Inge. x

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    • I think everybody visiting my blog is book junkie, the only question is how big of one you are :-). I’d even love it if people would ask me what I was reading on the train but so far that’s not happened yet. I know, I also want to know people’s book choices, and I really want to read the spines of their books when I visit. It’s no surprise you like dogs, I kind of fell for cute little Rowdy (in Break Failure) too ;-).


      • I’m such a book junkie I hide my favorites so when friends come to visit they don’t ask to borrow them. Of course, I lend out other books, but my favorites are in a small cupboard by my bed (*whisper* don’t tell anyone)

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  2. What an awesome list!! I already laughed out loud at #1. While I’ve that for a numerous amount of times, hitting myself in the face with a book by accident is also a legit issue…

    Having a shortcut for Goodreads on your favourites bar is brilliant! 😉

    #16…they jump on my lap as well before I’ve settled down in a comfy position. Maybe animals are secretly book junkies too? Or trying to prevent you from reading, of course…

    ONE OR MORE of the above boxes is an easy one, though. Who isn’t a book junkie then?! 😉 (though I’m sure we’d be amazed at the amount of people who can’t answer yes to a single one of these statements)

    I scored 15 *shakes head*

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      • Yes, I’m quite proud of it! 😉 My husband would make a fortune if he’d film my clumsiness on a daily basis and put it on YouTube. Haha! Awkward silences for the win! (awkward for them that is, we’re too busy reading 😉 )

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  3. Haha, this is brilliant! I got 17, should we look for a support group?
    and YES unputdownable is a word. A cherished word ❤ xD My pets love reading with me. Well, I guess they just love sitting on me or next to me because I absent-mindedly pet them when reading!


  4. Ha! This is so me. I think I could say yes to about 95% of these. Lol Fun post, Inge! I dropped a book on my face while reading it last night. I fell asleep while reading Vassa in the Night because it’s the worlds most boring book, and I woke up to getting smacked with it right in my sunburn. 😂 I bring a book wherever I go. That’s the beauty of Kindle. 🙌

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