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Today I want to add a new name and present to you Betty of the wonderful blog Bookish Regards. If you haven’t checked out her blog before, you should definitely go over and read one of her wonderful reviews.


Here’s a little more to know about this wonderful blogster:

Name:  Betty

Age: 43

What did you study or do you study now / what is your current job?
Cat wrangler, keeper of the house, short order cook, dishwasher, finder of lost things, CEO of the location of everything, laundress, problem solver, nurse, bill scheduler, repairwoman, seamstress, interior decorator, undefeated Jeopardy champion, and Queen of the manor.

My current area of study involves solving the complex mystery surrounding the spontaneous leaping of dirty laundry out of the hamper, leaving it to lie helpless and alone on the floor three inches away. Fascinating! In my spare time, I’m attempting to recreate the phenomena I witnessed on a commercial, wherein a basketful of clean laundry not only folded itself, but also put itself away. I don’t want to brag, but I think I’m close to a breakthrough on that one!
(OK, you have to admit, that’s a MUCH more interesting answer than just saying I’m a housewife!)

Do you have any other hobbies?
Writing, crocheting, playing video/computer games, working on jigsaw puzzles… does binge-watching tv series count as a hobby? LOL


Your favourite color?
Pink and purple. Right now I’m loving purple a lot.

Do you collect anything (besides books)?
DVDs/BDs of TV series… I have SO many of them.


What’s the name of the book that you’ve had the longest? Have you read it?
Since I can’t remember which one I got first, I’ll cheat a little bit. The books I’ve had the longest are the Dollanganger series and the Casteel series by V.C. Andrews, and yes, I’ve read all of them. I’ve had those books for (almost) 30 years now.

Have you ever regretted a book you purchased? A book that sounded so promising but you wished you’d have spent your money on another book after reading it?
Rhett Butler’s People. I found it at Walmart for $1, so I bought it… and I absolutely HATED it. If you want to know how much I hated it, you can check out my review here.

Do you listen to audio books?robert_hunt_illustration_gabaldon
Rarely, but I do enjoy them. The only one I have at present is Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, narrated by Davina Porter. One of these days, I plan to get the rest of the series on audiobook.


Do you have a favorite genre?
Historical fiction is my favorite,but I’ll read just about anything if it sounds interesting.

What is the book highest on your wishlist right now?
The 9th book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series… which she is currently writing.


How is your library organized?
The top two shelves on my main bookshelf are for my author collections. I have them sorted alphabetically by author. Each author’s books are sorted by series (if any), from oldest to most recent. Single titles are sorted alphabetically. The remaining two shelves are sorted alphabetically by author. Each of the four shelves are stacked top to bottom, three rows deep. I used to know how many books it held, but I’m not sure anymore.

I have others that are stored away in bags and boxes. My Outlander series collection stays in my living room, because I enjoy being able to look at them. 🙂 My cookbook collection is on a shelf in the kitchen. My (small) Star Trek novel collection is kept on another shelf, with other miscellaneous books.

The best way to sum it up is, I have far too many books, and not nearly enough space in one area to have them all properly organized!

Foto 1

Foto 2

Do you read more ebooks or physical books?
I’m reading more ebooks now. That’s partly because all I’m reading lately are ARCs for reviewing, and partly because I’m getting older and it’s not as easy to read the small-sized print of physical books anymore. I’ve gotten very dependent on being able to adjust the size of the text in ebooks, not to mention the ease of getting the definition of a word that is unfamiliar to me.

Do you have a favorite book?
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It’s perfect because it has all my favorite genres–historical fiction, time travel, romance*–combined. More importantly, it’s the book that introduced me to the best series I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

*I have to clarify that when I say ‘romance’, I don’t mean it in the usual way. The relationship between Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall is not at all typical of what comes to mind when you think of the romance genre. There are similarities, but their story is one of an enduring relationship that continues to evolve as they age. By the time of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, the eighth book in the series, 35 years have passed since they first met. (In your typical romance [specifically historical romances], the passage of this amount of time is usually nothing more than a brief summary of events in the epilogue.)

What’s the cover in your collection that you’re most proud of?
I’m going with Written in My Own Heart’s Blood for this one. It’s so elegant in its simplicity, and I think it’s a beautiful cover.

Foto 3

Do you have any idea how many books you own? <100, >100, >200, >300 …?
Aaaaaand this is where I’m forced to out myself as a book hoarder. Sigh. Between actual books and ebooks I have over a thousand. I need to go through my physical books that are shelved and donate a lot of them, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

What’s the title of the last book you purchased?
The last book I bought was The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. It wasn’t for me, though… it was a gift for my son.

What was your favorite author when you were a child?
There were three authors that I constantly read when I was a kid: L.M. Montgomery, Carolyn Keene, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Between the three, I’d say Carolyn Keene was my favorite, but only because there were a lot more Nancy Drew books to read than there were of the others.

From which author do you have most books?
V.C. Andrews, Nora Roberts, Stephen King, and Danielle Steel… some are physical books, some are ebooks. I haven’t read a lot of them, but I will. Someday.

Are there books you’ve read 2 or 3 times?
I’ve re-read many books, but my favorites to re-read are Gone with the Wind and the  Outlander series. I’ve read all of them at least twice, with the exceptions of A Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo in the Bone, and Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.

Foto 4

How many books are there on your Goodreads challenge this year and how many have you read already?
I set my goal at 30, and I’ve read 33 so far.

Can you spell your name with the first letters of titles in your book case (name these titles+authors)?
B = Bad Love by Jonathan Kellerman
E = Encyclopedia of the War of 1812 – David Stephen Heidler
T = The Tommyknockers by Stephen King
T = Tribute by Nora Roberts
Y = Yankee’s Lady by Kay McMahon

Thank you Betty for answering my questions, it was lovely to get to know you better through your answers!  If anyone else is interested in filling out my questions, let me know!



31 thoughts on “BFF: Bookish Regards

  1. Another fantastic post! It seems like Betty has a bit of an obsession with the Outlander series eh? 😉 Can’t blame her there, I’m still waiting for the right time to start the second book in the series. The Dollanganger series…oh myyy, I believe I was 10 when I read the first book and it was SO scary! I’ve never made it past Seeds of Yesterday but that’s mainly because the Dutch translation of the title sounds so bad, I actually hid it from my bookshelves. That first answer is priceless btw, Betty’s got a new follower here! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

      • Gasp! I discovered the TV adaptation on the Belgian ÉÉN channel :’). If the books seem like too much to tackle, I can highly recommend watching the series. There might be a bit of gay pr0n in there too, but I’m sure you’ll manage to endure it ;).

        Liked by 1 person

    • Obsessed? Me? Maybe a little. 😀 The story just keeps getting better! I used to re-read the Dollanganger series all the time. It was so creepy!

      Thanks for following my blog, Anne! I’ve followed yours, as well. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha! 😀 I’m actually looking forward now to seeing Jamie and Claire age together because you’re right, you don’t usually see that type of romance being stretched out for such a long period of time :). Ah, you know, when I haven’t been outside for awhile due to being sick or something, I always have to think of these kids and that at least I’ll still look young and pale for a while longer because of the lack of sunlight ;). Yay! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • I had to look up what it meant and this is what I found this had me laughing out loud too):
      A man who owns more than two cats.

      His home will have numerous cat toys and at least 2 litter boxes. The cats will likely have different dietary requirements from one another. Guests to his home should avoid wearing clothing, which will inevitably be covered in hair upon sitting down. He will alternately dote upon and express profound frustration about his furry charges.

      Note that this should not be confused with a hoarder. Although there may well be evidence of litter box-related accidents, the cat wrangler’s cats will be *alive*.
      “One cat, you’re a guy with a cat. Two cats, you’re a guy who wants his cats to have some company. Three cats, you’re a cat wrangler….clear your schedule.”

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Such a lovely post series, all your BFFs are interesting, lucky you 😀 I love my DVD collection almost as much as my books. One episode a day is definitely not good. I’m all for binge-watching!

    Liked by 1 person

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