Fear Dreams


What’s it about?

A sensitive woman fearing insanity…

Liddy Barron, an artist, was injured in a hit-and-run accident that left her with recurring nightmares, gaps in her memory, and an increasing obsession in the disappearance of a coed named Sasha Perry. Was Sasha murdered? Liddy’s turmoil grows as she begins seeing ghostly images. Her husband Paul, a scientist, tries to help but insists it’s just her imagination…while intuitive Detective Kerri Blasco, also obsessed with young Sasha’s disappearance, senses that Liddy may have a key to solving the case, and tries to unravel the shocking truth of what really haunts her.

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3.5 stars. Libby Barron is recovering from a terrible hit and run accident and her leg and mind still haven’t fully recovered. She is plagued by nightmares and can’t even remember what happened that night. She’s seeing a shrink for all the good that’s doing because his sessions don’t exactly help jog her memory. She used to paint book covers for a living and is now slowly picking up her life again, starting to paint and going out again.

Is Liddy Barron crazy or not is the big question here and one that kept me guessing until the end. You see Liddy drew a girl only she alone saw passing by while having drinks with her husband and best friend at a café. Her friend Beth remarks that she seems familiar somehow and soon after it turns out this woman of the sketch has been missing for 2 months. This is only the beginning of several apparitions and signs directed to Liddy. Is she hallucinating or what? She decides to inform the police anyway and the lead detective Kerri does take her serious surprisingly, especially when she tells her something she saw that was not disclosed in the media about Sasha when she disappeared.

As the story builds it becomes obvious that several people close to Liddy had ties with this girl and I had my bet on one, two, three and then four suspects. Basically every one except Kerri was suspicious to me at some point and I have to give a lot of credit for making me doubt so many characters. Who was it going to be?

I was totally into the story and it just became weirder and weirder with her nightmares and the inexplainable things happening. I had a hunch where the truth must lie and I wasn’t wrong about that. Unfortunately, right before reaching the end the story lost me a little bit. I was not aware of the paranormal addition to this story before I started reading this novel and while some of it was still pretty acceptable, the ending was just a bridge too far for me and the paranormal touch too unbelievable. I loved the psychological thriller part but the final conclusion was a bit predictable and not really the resolution I wanted. If you’re a fan of a mixture of mystery and paranormal I’m sure you’d really like this book very much.

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest opinion.

13 thoughts on “Fear Dreams

  1. I hate when books bring in paranormal to bridge the plot gaps. If it’s been involved from the beginning, and rules have been established, wonderful. But it really irritates me when all of the sudden things are ‘explained’ with paranormal forces

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  2. This sounded so good, but then I would not enjoy the unbelievable paranormal either. I like paranormal, but not too much of it. I still like it to be believable especially when a psychological thriller is involved. Great review Inge!!


  3. Oh, I like paranormal mysteries!! And the fact that there are so many suspects to choose from. But it’s a real bummer if the story then takes a twist and becomes predictable. I’d still read it, though! I love it when you don’t know if a character is insane or not. I’m sure there are personality tests out there which could explain this weird phenomenon ;).


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