The Playlist Shuffle Tag


I was tagged by the lovely Anne @ Inked Brownies to list 12 (of my 70) songs on my phone.

Here are the rules:

#1 List the first 10 12 songs that come on shuffle (no skipsies)
#2 Then write your favorite lyric (or verse) from that song *if it’s worth to mention*
#3 Tag others
(I added links to Youtube videos with the song titles)

* * *

I had no idea but now that I took a good look at my playlist I realise that I’m a big fan of movie music. I have Back in Time (Men In Black), In The Air Tonight (Miami Vice), It is You (Shrek) and a few others.

I’d say my taste is mostly pop/commercial music, and I like upbeat party music too. I have a thing for repetitive lines and a returning beat. Don’t be mistaken because I love Latin music too (Bailar by Deorro is also on my phone but with only two of those songs they were not chosen) and I even have a few Dutch songs and a French song in my listing, plus a few slows (Something Stupid by Robbie Williams).

But here are the selected songs:


In The Air Tonight – Nonpoint

Well if you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand
I’ve seen your face before my friend, but I don’t know if you know who I am
Well I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own two eyes
So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been
It’s all been a pack of lies


I Know You Want Me – Pitbull


Foreign Affair – Sylver

Take a trip in the air
To a tropical beach
On an island to reach
A new territory
For an intimate story
A lagoon “par la mer”
It’s a foreign affair


Meet Me Halfway – Black Eyed Peas


Hate It or Love It – The Game, 50 Cent

Hate it or love it the underdog’s on top
And I’m gonna shine homie until my heart stop


Just Give Me A Reason – Pink

Right from the start
You were a thief
You stole my heart
And I your willing victim
I let you see the parts of me
That weren’t all that pretty
And with every touch you fixed them


When I’m Gone – Anna Kendrick (the cups song)


Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode


The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice

And so it is just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
most of the time
And so it is the shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky


Blade soundtrack


Numb – Linkin Park

One of my absolute favourite songs !

I’ve become so numb, I can’t feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware
By becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you


James Brown is Dead – L.A. Style

* * *

So there you go, I think this gives a good idea about my taste in music. Maybe a bit boring or too commercial for some, but this is ‘all of me’ (yep John Legend too).

I invite the following bloggers to do this tag because I’d really love to know their taste in music but feel free to ignore if you don’t feel like doing it:




33 thoughts on “The Playlist Shuffle Tag

      • Ha, interesting… I’m a huge music fan but if you asked me some of my fav bands’ member names I wouldn’t know how to answer cause band’s personal details are irrelevant to me…
        The Linkin Park album Numb is off of, is their best album actually, well, for me 😀


  1. I like seeing all of the different tastes in music. Thanks for the tag! This looks fun.

    I have not heard Nonpoint or LP in a while. The rest of these I am familiar with but normally do not listen to 😉

    Hopefully I can remember to get to this soon. I usually hace a folder to save them in, but not on my silly phone 😂


  2. Fantastic Inge!! I love every single one of these songs :D. I’ve just been listening to an L.A. Style playlist on YouTube and was surprised I could still sing and rap along :’). And then there was the counter song to it Which wasn’t as good as the original one if ya ask me. And of course. Party like it’s 1992 \õ/. So there weren’t any inspiring lyrics from the Pitbull song were there? 😉
    Again, loved this!! 🙂 Thank you for taking up the tag!


      • Ah, meaning you’ve learned something as well today! 😉 Haha! Yeah, officially it is, but since these fabulous L.A. Style hits are from around 1992…*does the Can’t Touch This-dance*. And that’s what counts!


  3. OMG! I LOVE IT! we share similar taste in music smh LOL, great picks. I really need to settle in over the weekend & get to this tag cuz I’m sure that even I will be surprised at what I find. NOTHING wrong with commercial 😉


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  5. I wouldn’t call your playlist boring, it’s rather nice! I love Pink’s song, it’s on my phone’s playlist, one of my favorite to belt out in the car, haha! And the Blower’s Daughter, so good! Of course, yay for Linkin Park!!


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  8. I LOVE this tag, it seems like it was definitely very fun to do! Haha, I have about seventy songs on my playlist too; although I don’t buy songs that often, I still listen to them a whole lot since I particularly enjoy listening to music while reading 🙂


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