Book bliss nr.6: Hingston’s Box


Exciting news, yet again, from England! I got new bookmail and I didn’t even have to fall off my scooter or have a stare down with a black cat.

I was practically sold before reading the blurb: I mean Hingston’s Box has ‘death’ and ‘bones’ on the cover for a start, doesn’t that sound promising, and just take a look at the cover itself, isn’t it gorgeous? Normally crime books are all dark and gloomy, and I really like that, but it just goes to show that this works just as well. At least it does to me.

I might be fangirling a bit too much over an author that I absolutely don’t know yet but I just want to say that I also like her name so much. I don’t know if Decima Blake is her real name or a pen name but it’s very appealing!

OK when reading the blurb my conviction wavered just a tiny bit but the author told me the supernatural touch won’t be too farfetched or springing out of nowhere. So I’ve decided I’m going to take my chances :-).

I just thought I’d mention it too but Hingston’s Box raises awareness of the vulnerability of all children to exploitation. A percentage of royalties will be donated to the charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime. There’s also a book trailer on you tube that you can see here if you want to.

What’s it about?

Since investigating the disappearance of fifteen-year-old twin boys, Hingston – a young, talented Detective Sergeant, has been tormented by night terrors. On waking, he remembers a vast, golden meadow that glows with warmth and carries the sound of rapid footfalls and trouser legs pushing through grasses. A curly haired boy runs tirelessly through the meadow. The promise of adventure is lost when the sickening ache of death seeps into Hingston’s bones. Feeling suffocated and tortured, melodic chimes calm him and his panic subsides.

Signed off and leaving the office, a key inexplicably falls from Hingston’s investigation file. Intrigued, he takes it with him, escaping London for Dartmouth where his investigative race begins. Stalked by a challenging elderly woman and hindered by his boss, his determination to solve the case draws him into the supernatural world that connects a murderous past to the present.

Here’s the first sentence:

“The bullets in this jar….” he balanced the vessel between his thumb and forefinger, “we taken from the body of murdered Constable Choat”.

 So what do you think? Yay or nay ? I’ll let you know what I think about it! 


12 thoughts on “Book bliss nr.6: Hingston’s Box

  1. Yay, no scooter falls!!
    That cover IS beautiful! Like you said, we get a dark cover most of the time with crime stories, so it’s a nice change! I’m a bit skeptical about the blurb. We’re on the same page about any supernatural touch, so I’ll be waiting for your thoughts!


  2. Haha, that’s good that you don’t have to fall off your scooter every time you get book mail ;). Another physical copy = <3! And you're right, there's something about Decima Blake. It just sounds so bad ass? 🙂


  3. Ha! You’re opening made me laugh pretty hard. You didn’t have to fall off your scooter or have a stare down with a black cat? LOL 😂 That’s some good stuff right there. 🙌 Book mail is the best mail! I’m glad you were able to retrieve your package without any injuries or crazy animals. 🙂 I’ve been doing well with publishers lately and so have you. That’s really awesome news and very exciting. I love getting books in the mail. It feels like a cool reward for writing a review. This book sounds cool. I say yay on this one! I think I will add it to my TBR. You know I rely on you and a few others for these kind of recs. 🙂


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