Book haul library


Another way to get great books is by going to a secondhand book sale organised by your local library. Now I’m not actually a member of the library but that didn’t stop me going to the sale.

Visitors even got a little present :-). I only chose the mints though because there are only so many useless plastic boxes (I don’t even eat apples) you can store.

They are also jumping in on the trend of reading digitally and they now have e-readers by genre with 5 e-books on them.

Anyway, this is what I really came for.. the books they don’t want to lend out anymore:

thumbnail_img_0699      thumbnail_img_0698

Sooo, here are the books that I couldn’t resist. I’m lucky I was there so soon so I had first choice really ;-). Unfortunately it’s only one book in English, the rest is in Dutch but hey for 0,50 € I couldn’t just leave them there, could I?

The authors are:

  • Iris Johansen
  • Jane Green
  • Natasha Kampush
  • Vicki Myron
  • Cecilia Ahern
  • Martina Cole and
  • Kristin Hannah.



You know the funny thing was that they asked me if I was from the press because I asked if I could take pictures ? Yes really. I don’t think someone from the press would be taking them with an ipad though but I must have looked quite professional, right :-)?


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