Best gifts for book lovers


If you still don’t know what to buy as a present or what to ask from family and friends, here are some ideas. I know we would all like to have books, books, books, but there are a whole bunch of gifts that would really please me too so I’ve made up a little list of bookish gifts.

Mug:  Back to realitee

There are a lot of literary mugs out there but this one I hadn’t seen until a few weeks ago.


Bookish Games: Amazon

BookopolyTrivial Pursuit Book Lover’s EditionBook Lover’s Scrabble

Temporary tattoos (Jane Eyre, Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes): The Literary Gift Company or stockings with literary texts (here Romeo and Julia): Etsy 


Head Band : SheOHandmade


Dress : Lindy Pop


Dress and badges : Anatopik

dress-02 badges

Bag : Go Social


Blanket (Tiago Da Fonseca): Etsy

Once upon a time there was a blanket. This blanket had several sheets containing a traditional bedtime story. Each “page” adds a layer of linen making you warmer (or cooler) and comfier hopefully guiding you and your partner into a pleasant night’s sleep.


And of course also for your pet a bed by: Houzz


Socks: The Joy of Socks and Young and Awesome


And if you still want to give a book.. I love this Wrapping paper


So, what’s your favourite? Mine are the stockings with literary texts (haven’t seen anyone wearing them here) and the board games. We all know the classic games but this would definitely make me have a renewed joy to play these old games !


26 thoughts on “Best gifts for book lovers

  1. Oh my gosh! I love these ideas! I just recently was gifted a literary quotes blanket by the hubby which I can be seen wearing as a shawl all over my apartment smh lol. I had no idea that Book Lovers Scrabble is a thing, I love Scrabble but BOOK SCRABBLE?!?!?! YASSSS! 🙂

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  2. Ack! It’s so hard to choose. I love all of it. I would love to get the headband for my daughter and the mug for me. However, that purse is so cool… maybe a DIY project.
    Great post! I’m glad I came across your blog. I look forward to reading more of your reviews and posts.
    Happy reading!


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