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Thank you Giovanna @ Book Coma Blog. I wasn’t really tagged for this, but I saw it over on your blog and thought this was an easy tag and decided right away to give it a shot.

Here are my answers:


Paperback all the way!  I don’t even like holding a hardback.


Harry Potter then. I have two HP books :-).


I’m ashamed to say that I had to look up who R.L. Stine is. He’s sold over 400 million copies of his books according to Wikipedia but I haven’t read one of them. I read one Stephen King once (Misery) but it’s not really my genre, so neither.


Are the easy questions almost here? OK fantasy then. I sometimes watch fantasy movies and I’m not saying Avatar will ever be my number one movie but it was nice.


Indoors. When would I get the chance to even read outdoors? It’s always cold or raining, or both here. And then I’m not even talking about the noisy neighbours mowing their grass at that exact time when you want some peace and quiet.


I just can’t choose, or let me rephrase that.. I don’t want to choose 🙂


I read more e-books but I’ve always shopped for paper copies in a local bookshop. I kind of like it seeing all those books on the table and touch and read the blurbs of every one of them before making my choice. But I might give in because it seems the internet is a lot cheaper for paperbacks too.


Neither really interest me.


I do enjoy a bit of Non-Fiction from time to time, but I’ll have to go with Fiction.


Oh no the horror. No dog-earing, EVER ! Even when I really don’t have anything to put between my pages, I’d rather try to find my last page again from memory.


Roald Dahl. I read a few of his books when I was little, when nothing was wrong yet with my imagination.


E-books! I’ve started an audiobook once but only got to chapter 4 I think. I can’t just listen to an audiobook, before you know it I’m busy doing something else at the same time or talking and then I haven’t heard half the story.. it distracts me more than a book.

So that’s it. Easy peasy questions and answers.  If anyone likes to do this tag too, go right ahead, don’t hold yourself back. I’d really love to know if anyone still dog-ears their pages ;-).



21 thoughts on “Book Tastes Tag

  1. Hi Inge.
    I am always respectful in how I treat books, but my sister, when she buys paperbacks, will immediately BREAK THE SPINE so that the book will lie open more easily. I hate that. i baby paperback spines.
    Happy Reading!
    ~Icky. 🙂

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  2. Ha, bookworms around the world would kill me, I am a sucker for dog-earing… The Corey Taylor book I read… you should see it… I dog-eared every 1-2 pages… in the end I was like, crap, if I wanted to keep track of quotes I should have just taken note that there’s something awesome on every page 😀 I don’t mind dog-earing or spine breaking… no matter how ratty and tattered, I still love the book… OK.. I’m ready now, for my punishment! 😀 hahaha…

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  3. Come on Inge.. Twilight or 50 shades.. I do not think I could ever muster up enough inside to tackle 50 Shades. Although I have a Twilight set here that will probably never be pulled off of the shelf aside from dusting purposes 😉 Does that make me bad?


  4. Loved reading this tag! Your answers would definitely literally be mine, even the comment about R.L. Stine haha (although I haven’t looked the author up). 😉


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