Why indie presses need your Amazon reviews

A very insightful post about the impact and importance of Amazon reviews.


helpIn the five years since starting this blog I’ve posted reviews on Goodreads and Library Thing but I never gave much thought to putting them on Amazon. It’s not that I’ve consciously ignored that site or decided to make a stand over the way they allegedly use strong arm tactics to squeeze discounts from publishers and authors. It just never occurred to me that there was any real need to post reviews or comments there.

But then I got an email from an indie publishing company late last year which has caused me to rethink my approach with books I get via NetGalley. Anne from Le French Book www.lefrenchbook.com provided a reality check on the economics of book publishing and why, for small publishing houses Amazon reviews really do matter. Apparently publishers have to pay to get their books listed on NetGalley – they give these copies away in order to…

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13 thoughts on “Why indie presses need your Amazon reviews

  1. I do usually post to Amazon unless it’s a book I really didn’t like. I’ve never been sure if a bad review is better than no review so err on the if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all side of things.

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      • I do post low star reviews to GoodReads but generally wouldn’t post a 2 star or less to Amazon on the basis the publisher gave me the book for free and it doesn’t feel right. In the publisher feedback I do offer to post to Amazon but so far no one has asked me to. Generally I’m more about promoting books I like than complaining about ones I didn’t.


  2. Thanks for sharing. I always try to post my reviews on Amazon US and Amazon UK, if I got a book for review. But I’m guilty when I read book on my own – I rarely put Amazon review then, especially if it’s a popular book.


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