Author Spotlight: The Sacrifice by Alec Caruso

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What’s it about?

London, England. Dr. Ted Conway has committed suicide.

A case that should be easily closed.

After a forced break, Detective Inspector Rei Yoshima is thrust back into work, overseeing the suicide of Dr. Conway, only to discover that things with this case is not what it seems to be. Trying to determine the unforeseeable truths from hidden lies, clues start finding their way together. As the case begins to unravel, it forces Yoshima into a whirlwind of discoveries, sending her to Cologne, Germany.

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About the author

Alec Caruso

Alec Caruso is the pen name for Keith Bruton and Rachel Mahal. The couple met in Dublin, Ireland, where they began writing their first novel together. The result of their shared passion for writing is THE SACRIFICE, a crime thriller featuring Detective Inspector Rei Yoshima.

Connect with Alec Caruso

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Want to know more?

How two authors delivered one book

Rachel moved to Ireland for a few years and was studying at the University College of Dublin and I was starting my first job coming out of college when we met in 2014. A year later, we decided to write a book together because of our passion for reading and writing. We began to brainstorm ideas every night until we had a solid foundation to our story.

When we started to brainstorm ideas together, we looked at the news that was surrounding us and a major topic that was widespread among the world was the Syrian Refugee Crisis. We wanted to keep the book as relevant as possible, so we began our story around that one idea. Initially, we had a completely different story which focused on three main couples, but as we started writing we scratched out our old ideas and began to implement new ones around a series of a few detectives. In the end, our finalized manuscript was nothing like we originally intended, but it surprisingly came out even better than we thought. Every evening after our full time jobs at Google and Facebook, we would begin our writing process.

We would start by outlining what would happen in each part of the book, and then we would start to go into detail about what would happen in each chapter. Finally, we would start writing about who the characters were and how they would meet. After our outline, we decided to split up the book, where Rachel took on the characters in London, and I wrote about the characters in Cologne. Towards the end of the book, when our characters were finally meeting, we sat down and wrote those chapters together, paragraph-by-paragraph.

Having two authors writing one book, our biggest concern was making sure it read as one voice. After the book was written, we spent months editing the content, where in the end it seemed as if one person wrote the novel.

So, sounds interesting right? It gets lots of praise on Amazon (‘gripping’, ‘thrilling’) and I would have accepted to read and review it myself if I didn’t have such a backlist.


7 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: The Sacrifice by Alec Caruso

    • Yeah the fact that two authors are behind this author’s name was a bit of a surprise but I think that it only enhances the writing and plot if there’s another critic involved. I don’t know if it’s the start of a whole series but I think it is certainly a possibility. Thanks love !

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  1. wow… i mean, writing a book on your own is difficult enough, so having a partnership to get everything right, etc must have been task and a half… and editing for that one voice? sounds like a ton of work. But hey- it seems they did their job well with those good ratings coming in!


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