Little Bones by Sam Blake

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What’s it about?

Attending what seems to be a routine break-in, troubled Detective Garda Cathy Connolly makes a grisly discovery: an old wedding dress – and, concealed in its hem, a baby’s bones.

And then the dress’s original owner, Lavinia Grant, is found dead in a Dublin suburb.

Searching for answers, Cathy is drawn deep into a complex web of secrets and lies spun by three generations of women.

Meanwhile, a fugitive killer has already left two dead in execution style killings across the Atlantic – and now he’s in Dublin with old scores to settle. Will the team track him down before he kills again?

Struggling with her own secrets, Cathy doesn’t know dangerous – and personal – this case is about to become…

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This novel kept me in suspense about what was going on for a very very long time. It’s all extremely mysterious and it takes at least two thirds of the novel before the coin finally dropped and I got the bigger picture on how all the puzzle pieces fit (perfectly and brilliantly) together. There was definitely more going on than I ever expected.

To start, there’s the ongoing investigation of the little bones found in the hem of a wedding dress passed on to Zoe from her mother – who she doesn’t have any contact with now – by her grandmother. The big question of course is who put them there and why.

While they’re investigating these bizarre findings and waiting for DNA results, there’s also the seemingly unrelated story of an old lady called Mary who is taken under the wing of social worker Emily and her husband, psychologist Tony Cox. Mary is quite an enigma in this story but like in a perfect chess game, her pawn is put into position on the exact right moment and from that moment on everything seemed to be happening in a rapid succession of events. At the last moment there’s also the unrelated thread of the chase of some criminal with the name of Angel Hierra inserted in a terrific way as well. I didn’t really know why he made an appearance in the story and at first I wasn’t as invested in his storyline as I was in the other plotlines because they’d already spun their threads. I wondered about him and his significance to the story but when the cascade of revelations finally came upon me… My mouth almost dropped open when I saw how it all made sense.

I found myself easily caught up in the novel. It’s loaded with intrigue and I know I’m repeating myself but there’s so much going on all at once, I couldn’t help but want to get to the bottom of it all as fast as I could. If you’re looking for a story that isn’t laid out straightforward right from the beginning but keeps you guessing at what’s going on and who that person is who put bones in the hem of a wedding dress, this one’s certainly up for the task.

It’s hard to believe this is a debut novel. It’s the first novel I read that is set in Dublin, Ireland and I was a bit fearful whether I’d ‘get’ everything but I didn’t have any problems at all, so this was a positive experience in every respect.

There’s already a sequel out in the Cathy Connolly detective series called In Deep Water which is just as well because this one ends with a cliffhanger that is begging for more.

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher, Bonnier Zaffre, in exchange for my honest opinion.

24 thoughts on “Little Bones by Sam Blake

  1. Ha, Dublin, Ireland… the best place to set a crime novel in 😀 Nah, no judging XD
    Sounds like a fantastic book… with all the characters having a necessary role in the book, it sounds like it could have got confusing but it didn’t? But essentially was your only niggle with the book the fact you disengaged a bit when Angel was introduced?

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    • Ha of course not ;-). It wasn’t confusing but the threads seemed unrelated and I could imagine the old lady with amnesia having something to do with it, but not the criminal from another country and his plotline was ‘in the way’ at first but then it all makes sense in the end though and I can only admire an author who can go so far and get everything tied up neatly without it becoming hard to believe.


  2. This sounds brilliant. I like the suspense bit and the bones in a wedding dress is definitely creepy but intriguing. Happy to know that there is a second book almost being released now. Definitely adding both to my TBR. Fab review.

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  4. Oh I love it when there are different threads that seems unrelated and suddenly everything comes together and makes perfect sense! It’s difficult at first to pay attention to everything to avoid being confused but it looks like the author did a great job! Loved this review!


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