Author spotlight: The Bluebell Informant by Nick Tingley #Guestpost

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The Bluebell Informant

What’s it about?

How do you catch a killer who is already dead?

One year ago, the Bluebell Killer killed his last victim. He was shot and killed, leaving behind a legacy of twenty corpses and a name that people will fear for years to come…

A year later, a man is shot in the back of the head and left in a field of bluebells.
Is it a mugging gone wrong? A copycat killer? Or is the Bluebell Killer still out there, waiting to pounce on his next victim?

For DS Evelyn Giles the solution is simple – it’s just another dirty politician caught committing an unforgiveable crime. But with the evidence stacking up against him, Giles’ suspect has one more surprise in store for her…
And his words will throw everything she knows into question…

‘It’s not over yet.’

The past is coming back to haunt DS Giles. She’s already sacrificed much for the lie. The only question is how much more will she suffer for the truth?

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About the author

Nick Tingley

Nick R B Tingley is the author of several short stories and novels.

Born in Dartford in 1987, Nick discovered a passion for writing from an early age although a strong interest in history and archaeology led him to study at the University of Exeter for four years.

Praised for his masterful story telling, Nick won the Inkitt Fated Paradox Prize in 2015 with his short story, Dressed to Deceive, and has been working diligently on his debut novel ever since.

Under the name of Nicholas Tingley, Nick produced a short collection of war poems entitled Grey Skies and Broken Branches, which he released on the anniversary of the start of the Great War.

Known for his dark and probing insights into the human condition, Nick’s work often deals with corruption and falsehoods, peeling back the veil to reveal how everyone, no matter how pure, can be susceptible to their darker side…

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 Want to know some more?

Why it all started out as a prequel

The Bluebell Informant follows the story of Detective Sergeant Evelyn Giles who is launched into a nationwide conspiracy when a simple murder turns out to be part of a much deeper plot. With all the twists and turns, shocks and intricate plots, you might be forgiven for thinking this debut novel started out as a story in its own right.

But you’d be wrong.

In fact, The Bluebell Informant is the second DS Giles book I’ve written, but the first to be released in the series. What started out as a short novella that I wrote to gain a better understanding of my characters, very quickly grew into something much bigger, and ended becoming the launch pad for this exciting series.

So how did this come about?

Well, it all started with what will be my second Giles novel, The Court of Obsession. I’d written a book that I was very happy with – it had an intriguing murder and a gradually evolving plot – but it did suffer from one or two minor flaws.

In the first instance, I hated my main character – and I mean seriously hated. There is nothing more upsetting for an author than hating your own character, and this was one of those instances. It wasn’t that Giles was a particularly unlikeable character – she just wasn’t particularly real to me. Throughout The Court of Obsessions, I was making references to events that had happened to Giles before hand, but I didn’t really have a solid idea of how that back story had occurred.

In the second instance, there were aspects of Giles’ character that I couldn’t get my head around. Here I had a highly intelligent woman, a competent and highly decorated detective, who was completely distrusting of her colleagues and opted to go off on her own rather than rely on anyone else.

How did she get to this?

It wasn’t long before I decided that I needed those answers before I could carry on any further. So I began writing, The Bluebell Informant, on a nice warm day in May. I’d taken a walk along the river Eden and, as I marched through the fields and trees, an idea slowly formed in my head.

I was going to write a prequel novella – not for anyone else’s benefit – just so that I could better understand my character. I wasn’t even going to release it – it was going to be one of those mysterious works that I referred to every once in a while but never shared with anyone else…

There was only one problem. Well – two actually. My novella was actually quite good. I mean really good. The more I wrote for it, the more involved I got in the story. Pretty soon, my novella wasn’t a novella at all – it was a fully-fledged crime novel – a tantalising murder case complete with thoroughly likeable (and several completely unlikeable) characters who just seemed to leap off the page.

I began to realise that The Bluebell Informant wasn’t just a project to help me understand my character better. It was an essential first chapter for what was about to come. What started off as a prequel novella had developed into the most important part of what will become the DS Giles series…

… the beginning!

So, anybody agree with me, sounds interesting right? I see the beginning of an interesting series here! 


11 thoughts on “Author spotlight: The Bluebell Informant by Nick Tingley #Guestpost

  1. This is interesting… a lot of authors seem to start off with short stories… but I think that’s quite difficult as well, in a way… hmm…
    The book sounds interesting and I love the cover- the colors are so striking! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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