Where is best to buy books online?

BookBum shares the best book buying sites. Some of them I didn’t know! Go check it out, who doesn’t need more books, right?


BOOKISH BIT BANNER - book site comparison

Today, I wanted to bring you an informative blog post all about book shopping online. I often find myself thinking “where is it best to shop?” when I’m buying books online and I decided to take a look at them all to see if I could come up with an answer to that question. Keep reading to see all the pros & cons of several online bookstores!

Note: I haven’t included places like Waterstones. WHSMith, Foyles etc as they are both highstreet and online. The stores I’ve talked about are online only. And this is not sponsored or affiliated in any way.

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The Good

I’m sure we’re all very aware that Amazon sells stuff for dirt cheap. Some of the deals on Amazon are incredible, the other day I bought Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, new, for £2.99! If you’re a student, or just on…

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5 thoughts on “Where is best to buy books online?

    • Well I’ve only ever bought ebooks through Amazon. I still buy other books in the store but I’m going to use Bookdepository in the future, that’s for sure and I’ll look into the rest too. If I know which books I want to order I’ll compare and see where they are cheapest to order ;-).

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