Book bliss nr. 9: Keep calm and wait for Solden

Solden 02

I have no idea how things go in your country but in Belgium there are two sale periods that run a month each. One of them is in winter and starts the 1st of January, the other in summer on the 1st of July. Need I remind you that was last week?

Unlike other people I don’t go jumping for clothes, no the book shop is actually highest on my list and I go there first and then I’ll see if there’s still time and money left :-). So last week on the first weekday of the sales I made my way to the Sterling bookshop and guess what I found…

All the books on the floor were on discount!



So you want to see what I bought? I’ve (only) bought 3 books on sale and I chose them completely at random.

I wanted You Sent Me A Letter (in the picture) by Lucy Dawson too but 3 was a good number to stop.

And then suddenly my eye fell on one that wasn’t on sale but I really really want to read this one (to be honest there were more but I settled for just one) so I bought this one too.


I’ve finally got it! I’ve heard so many amazing things about it, it better be great now! I’m pretty sure you won’t have to wait long for a review either.


So what do you think, have you read any of these yet? What did you think of them? All opinions are welcome you know ;-). Do you have a sales period too and do you go overboard then and what is your definition of going overboard exactly?


38 thoughts on “Book bliss nr. 9: Keep calm and wait for Solden

  1. Wow how exciting I seen great reviews for The Honeymoon as well! We used to have January sales over here too but there are random sales throughout the year now in most shops. We only have Waterstones over here now and they have offers on all year and a larger sale in January. My definition of going overboard in a bookshop would be buying more than one book at full price or in a sale. I’m very restrained on the outside but inside I’m want them all! haha

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  2. Great haul! I would have gone nuts with all those discount books on the floor haha. I haven’t read any of these yet but The Widow is high on my radar! I hope you will enjoy these.

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  3. Books on sale- what a dream! 😀
    I have yet to come across a proper sale on books… usually I see stuff like 2 for 3 or 3 for a tenner… but not for books that I normally want! 😀
    Great haul though and happy reading!


    • That’s interesting as well. People here often wait for this time of year to go clothes shopping (they are selling the clothes at a discount price which they couldn’t sell in months before), it usually starts with -20, -30% and towards the end of the month it’s -70, -80%.. but then nothing much is left so you’ve got to pick the best timing :-).


  4. I really like this idea. We don’t have such sales in Kenya though there are a lot of second-hand book stores where all books are sold at a dollar.

    Great choices. Honeymoon looks and sounds great based on the reviews that I have read. Widow also sounds good and I have heard about Fiona’s new book which is good so I hope the one you picked is also good.

    Happy reading 🙂

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  5. Wow!! That seems like an amazing selection of books on sale! It is amazing that you can stop at 4 🙂 I haven’t read any of these, but do keep us updated about how you like them!

    In Canada, it seems like things are on sale all the time! Whenever I go to the mall, there are big sale signs everywhere haha… (I usually buy eBooks online so I don’t know how the bookstore situation is)

    By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂
    That’s totally fine if you’ve already done this before! I wouldn’t be surprised if you were already nominated for this 🙂


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  6. Book sales are THE best. I too will alwwwaaaays prefer these over any other store as my first destination if I ever wanted to spend!! 😀 Love the books they put on sale too, they all look like they’re in mint condition! A lot of them look exactly like the 2 main genres you read too. You must’ve been pretty happy (and super in control of yourself.. I mean.. you restricted yourself to 4!!). 😛

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