The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon #BookReview

The Last Piece of My Heart def

What’s it about?

When life feels like a puzzle, sometimes it’s the small pieces that make up the bigger picture… Join Bridget on a journey to put her world back together.

A successful travel journalist, Bridget has ambitions to turn her quirky relationship blog about the missing pieces of her heart into a book. But after a spate of rejections from publishers, she accepts an alternative proposition.

Nicole Dupré died leaving behind a bestselling novel and an incomplete sequel. Tasked with finishing the book, Bridget is thankful to have her foot in the publishing door, even if it means relocating to Cornwall for the summer and answering to Nicole’s grieving husband, Charlie…

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The problem with giving your heart away to someone is that you never fully get it back. Long after you’ve fallen out of love with them, they still own a little piece of you. That’s why first love is always the strongest: it’s the only time you ever love wholeheartedly.

These are the first three sentences of the novel. Kind of sets the tone, right? I was enamoured right from the very first pages, especially when I saw what kind of swoonworthy beginning the story the author had in mind.

It wasn’t all sunshine and hearts though, my feet were put firmly on the ground again when Bridget suddenly finds herself miles away from her boyfriend when she takes up a job writing as a ghost writer in lieu of the deceased bestselling author Nicole Dupré who left behind an unfinished manuscript.

Bridget has to deal with Nicole’s grieving husband Charlie and his 8-month old daughter April while she trawls through all of his late wife’s notes and diaries. Babies freak her out, they don’t seem to like her and she doesn’t particularly like them. She’s also working on her blog in between in hope of publishing her own book about her past lovelife after writing a book she didn’t really want to write.

This story had its moments of grief and its fun moments. I really loved how she gradually warmed up to little April, it was heart-warming to see how much they started to interact and how much love there was between them and along with it she helps Charlie to start living again. A difficult and delicate plotline, and it really takes quite some time before Bridget starts to acknowledge her feelings and even then she knows better than to rush things.

This novel felt like I was reading a story in a story. It’s not very hard to notice, Nicole was writing about a travel writer who falls in love with two different men on two different continents. The cool part is that Bridget can read about Morris and Timo (the fictuous characters) in Nicole’s diaries because she obviously found her inspiration in real people close to her. Did she really love them both in real life as well? Then there’s Bridget who has a boyfriend she left behind in another country as well and she’s kind of bonding over time with Charlie, even though it’s just ‘friendship’. It’s not hard to see some similarities. So how will she end Nicole’s story? Is she going to end up with good dependable Morris or with rock-climber Timo from Thailand? You’ll have to read to find out.

Paige Toon made me really care for the characters with her excellent writing and she didn’t rush the romance, it was perfectly paced so that I could really enjoy this contemporary romance. I wanted to read at least one really great summer romance novel this year and I believe this is the one!

I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

24 thoughts on “The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon #BookReview

  1. Great review Inge. I love that quote. It is said that we never truly get over that first love 🙂

    This sounds like a wonderful read. I like how the book sounds a bit complex hence not just a fluffy read like most romance. The character development also sounds great. Glad that you enjoyed it 🙂

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  2. Now this sounds like a far superior book than the previous book you reviewed hahah I like how the author masters the pacing and the writing and does a wonderful job in building up the romance and all these relationships. Glad you enjoyed this! 😀

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