I’ve put up my Christmas tree!



I don’t know if you know but I really don’t like Christmas. I don’t read Christmas reads, I don’t draw attention to it in any way and I won’t share (literally) the Christmas joy. I’m very sorry but I have to stay true to myself! Now I do understand people who get caught up in this festive spirit. Honestly, I was once like that as well, it just lost its shimmer a bit now.

What I really don’t like are all the things you HAVE to do. I’m sure I don’t need to give examples. I put up a tree last year simply because I wanted to see what Poes (the cat) was going to do but she wasn’t even interested. All that effort and then she disappoints me like that, not even pawing once at the Christmas ornaments, and even the lights couldn’t mesmerize her. Nah this year I’m taking it very easy, there isn’t going to be a traditional tree.

Here’s this year’s Christmas tree. All you need is an old book (I got this one at work because it’s not up to date anymore) and a wooden stick..


You cut paper squares of different sizes…


All you need to do next is make a good solid base by taping the stick on a piece of cardboard



And you slide your paper squares over the stick and tadaaa.. my mini-book tree is ready !



So what do you think of my funny mini project? Anyone who’d consider making one as extra decoration? I kind of like the first picture with the stacked open books as well… maybe I could make one like this as well :-). Two Christmas trees this year!!

60 thoughts on “I’ve put up my Christmas tree!

  1. haha, this is really cute!! ❀ i am a total christmas freak. i love it!!! i want a christmas tree at my place, but i can't because MY cats are the devil hahaha πŸ˜€
    i'm sorry that you don't like this holiday, but it's totally ok. i am sure there are other holidays you love waaay more! πŸ™‚

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  2. Now you gave me an idea! I’ve been thinking on what to put in my office and now I see this. Haha. It’s cute and simple and nevertheless still a Christmas tree. πŸ˜€


  3. It’s the pressure to have a perfect christmas that I object to. I hate seeing all those articles about how to decorate your tree, dining table etc and how to cook turkey so its perfection.No wonder people get stressed

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  4. Okay, that’s a cute Christmas tree! And it does seem like a perfect tree to put on my desk at work. I’ll have to figure something out to do just that – although I don’t think I have any books I can sacrifice for this.. Hm.. I’ll have to think on it, haha.

    As for you not being a Christmas-y person – that’s totally your own good right! I kind of like the excuse of buying gifts for people and setting up my tree. Although the latter is more because I like the coziness it oozes when I’m reading. It just makes everything that much more.. well.. cozy, haha.
    And the Christmas markets! Lovelovelove those!

    I could do without all the family get-togethers though.. They’re so tiring and I’d rather spend those days with friends than with obliged family stuff.. Oh well!

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    • Maybe you can try it with a newspaper or magazine, it should work too.. as long as the hole isn’t too big so the papers slide down everything is possible. I like the blanket and the hot gingerbread nescafΓ© for coziness but I can enjoy that any time in winter :-). I still have nightmares about those family things and especially the food that I didn’t like and all the smalltalk and questions pff, happy I don’t have to do this anymore :-).

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      • Oh, with a magazine it’ll be a pretty colorful one either, I reckon! And I might have some Large laying around doing nothing somewhere, so that’d be an option!

        Ugh, family things. They said they weren’t going to do anything and then recently got a mail that they’re planning a get-together after all..

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  5. Ugh, Christmas…. we’re on the same page!
    thought I’d never share a xmas themed post either… but if you can remember I did… man, that was a moment for me… what happened was that I agreed to a guest post and offered a title I thought might have been interesting to share, instead the xmas themed thing came back and I was like- yikes, If I’d have known πŸ˜€
    There will be no sort of a tree in my house… but I like your ideas! πŸ™‚ I have the fairy lights up all round the year and I always plug them in when I want a bit of atmosphere, even during summer sometimes πŸ˜€
    I can’t wait for March! means spring is on way, summer on way… miserable dark time over…

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    • Whaha! Well I got a review request from an author for a Christmas themed book and I replied that I hate Christmas and stuff and I don’t read Christmas novels (unless they’re crime novels). I think she might have had a little shock :-). Ohh I love the idea of your fairy lights.. I love them, also in summer outside, like in the movies πŸ™‚

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