Same book, different cover #1

Battle of the books

Do you like looking at covers as much as I do? Well I’ve collected some of them that I’ve come across so here’s 7 books to look at and to decide which one you like better:

Behind her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Behind Her Eyes  Behind Her Eyes US

I definitely like the first one more. Maybe it’s the bit of colour that does it or the fact that  her closed eyes make it all the more mysterious. Also, it matches the title better too in my opinion. The second one is the US cover and expresses fear to me whereas the first isn’t fear but more something she doesn’t want to see or something that is going on in her mind.. all options are open if I look at this one.

Blood Moon by John David Bethel

51iN9Qgv0UL   Blood Moon 2

Definitely the first one again. The second one is too dark for me and doesn’t attract me so much, I’d rather have the horror house on my cover ;-).

Missing, presumed by Susie Steiner

Missing presumed 02  Missing presumed 01

Difficult choice this one.. I get that desolate feeling with both covers but I think I’m going to go with the abandoned platform this time. It’s kind of funny because the Kindle edition is the second cover but there’s a person on the platform. I think it’s better this way though without anyone in it.

Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas

Local Girl Missing 01  Local Girl Missing 02

The second cover again. I like the flowers in rememberance of the girl.. it makes it just a little more interesting and real. The first cover doesn’t give any information and only really piques my interest with the tagline, not with the image.

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins


I especially didn’t include the film edition cover because I don’t like that one (with the face of the woman who’s playing Rachel on it). I get what they are trying to do here with these covers and although I don’t really particularly love either of them I’m going with the second one.. it’s the view from the train where the landscape is passing by in a blur and is the most original one I guess.

The Never List by Koethi Zan

I know which one I don’t like (the second one) but choosing the one I like most? Hmm, I’m going with the first one!

Death Note/Love You To Death by Caroline Mitchell

The third cover is the only one that you can still buy… I read the second cover of Love You to Death and I’m still going with that one, although I really like the first one with the heart in a knot too.

It’s actually kind of predictable which cover I’m going to like. It’s always the novel that I read and which I first came across. It feels like the novel is always attached in my mind to that cover and I don’t want to see it with another one. Crazy right :-).

So what do you think? Any opinions? I don’t mind at all if you don’t share my opinion so shoot away!

65 thoughts on “Same book, different cover #1

  1. I did some posts like this about UK vs US book covers and Paperback Vs Hardback ones too. Most of the time, cover changes reeeallly annoy me!! My opinions on these covers are:

    Behind Her Eyes – I prefer the 2nd one
    Blood Moon – I prefer the 1st
    Missing, Presumed – prefer 2nd
    Local Girl Missing – prefer 1st (although I hated the book :P)
    Girl on the Train – prefer 2nd
    The Never List – prefer 3rd
    Love You to Death – prefer 1st

    Fun post Inge!! 😀

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  2. Okay, I’m on my phone so I have to look and then reply so there will be multiple comments, I apologize. Here are my picks.

    Book 1: Cover 1
    Book 2: Cover 1
    Book 3: Cover 2


  3. You couldn’t be more on time with this!!!!! I’m working all day on a presentation about the same stories and their UK and French covers! 😀 When I thought blogging would be a nice break… Haha! The first cover for Behind Her Eyes wins for me while it’s the second for Blood Moon! I don’t like cover changes, but what’s worse is title changes! So confusing!

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    • They do and maybe some covers work better in some countries than others but still… I know you like the US cover of Behind Her Eyes ;-). I don’t really see them as US and UK covers though, I don’t even think which country they are from, I just see a cover and one I like more 🙂

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  4. 1,2,2,1,1, 1, 1 ( I think we only agree on four of them, sorry!!!)I hate when they release a book with a cover that’s NOT as nice as the one on the arc and you feel awful saying: ‘look at this gorgeous cover-but that’s not the one you’re getting!’ Great post:)

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  5. I think we’re book cover twins because I picked the same cover for each single one! I tend to get attached to the book cover version I read as well, although there are some exceptions (especially when it comes to very different UK/US covers and availability where I live…) Such a fun post!

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  6. We have similar opinions for all the covers apart from the last one. I think I like the first one with the knot though I am still undecided lol. The Girl on the Train covers are not so good in my opinion also even though the capture the concept. Great post.

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  7. This is a cool post and I think even though some of those probably aren’t translated to Estonian I am quite intrigued to go and check just to see what kind of covers they’re going for in the Eastern Bloc 😀

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  8. I hate movie editions of books, personally hahah I do love seeing all the different cover arts though. It’s sometimes quite staggering how different they are from one region to the other. Excellent picks though, Inge! Keep ’em coming!! 😀

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    • I don’t particularly love movie editions either :-). I wasn’t sure anybody would be interested in this kind of post but it looks like there are a lot of people like me who love looking at covers :-). Thanks for letting me know too, I think I’m going to do another post like this soon!

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  10. It’s crazy how much of a difference this makes, too! Like some of these I never would have given a second chance based on one cover, but would have picked up based on another! I hate when I realize stuff like that.

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  11. yeee, more !! I really like this.

    for me; 1st, 1st also – I like the POV of that house with the moon standing over it, 2nd -more impact upon first impression I think, 1st – I like the girl standing on the warf … *cough*, eeeeeh imma pass that one…, I was going to see 2 but nvm … x) let’s go with 3!, and 1st one. I really like the rope shape in a heart

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