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So I’ve been doing a lot of research about subscription boxes and I found one that promised to give me everything I wanted. You see the books inside a book box are still most important for me and not the swag, although a bookmark or a pen or something is always nice. PageHabit has subscription boxes in multiple genres, including Mystery (thrillers fall under this category) and what’s so orginal about this box is that the book has annotations, little post-it notes with remarks from the author on some of the pages.


You also give a donation towards child’s literacy and November’s donation has gone to Liberia. “For the month of November, 2017, PageHabit has chosen to work alongside Books for Africa and the Saclepea-Mah Development Association (SAMDA) to donate books to Liberia.


Now I still wasn’t sure, I mean I created an account but was still hesitant to order because of the shipping fee but then I received an e-mail in my inbox with a limited 48h offer that I just couldn’t refuse. The offer included an extra hardback in the box and free shipping. Magic words and nothing to stop me now I thought, so I placed an order but then I saw I didn’t have the free shipping but only a 5 dollar discount. I still ordered because I didn’t want to miss out on the offer and sent an e-mail after but I only got back that I should use the hello.pagehabit e-mail address instead of the support e-mail. Yep, as if they can’t forward it themselves. The thing that bothered me most though was that they couldn’t give me an answer but were able to tell me that they gave me a 5 dollar discount for all future boxes and they reinstated my subscription to an automatic monthly subscription (which I had turned off before of course). I got into a slight panic because that was never my purpose and I’ve never been as quick to stop that again. I didn’t pursue the refund anymore, but just so you know, the free shipping is not free if you live outside the US ;-). I didn’t know if the extra book would be included or not either so that was still going to be a surprise.

I had to wait about a month for my parcel to arrive but I didn’t mind at all.. I even left it another 2-3 weeks to open it because I wanted to open it on Christmas Eve. Now I think we’ve waited long enough, here’s what was inside:


The first thing I saw was the ‘letter from the author’ (she sounds like such a sweetie!) and the book swag. The goodies were:


  • a cute little book box that you can store among your other books and that can hold some of your valuables.


  • a magnetic magnifiar bookmark
  • a PINK bookmark with a quote from Diane Duane with a quote we can all agree on:

Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.

  • a short story called The Cross-Eyed Bear by John Dufresne


  • a sturdy canvas tote bag to stash my books in and which has one clear message: there’s only one road and it leads to the PageHabit library!


And then… for the best part.. the book.. or I should say books because yes there were two! There was a free hardback included as well!


The book inclosed in the month’s subscription box was Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart. I already read a great review of it on Janel’s blog Keeper of Pages and you can read it here. It really sounds like a wonderful book and I’m very happy with it!


I’m really looking forward to reading the annotations from the author while I read the book. So original and so cool! I only read the first one yet and it says she had another title in mind but it didn’t test well with the beta readers.

The second book included is debut novel Infinite Ground by Martin MacInnes. He’s the winner of the Somerset Maugham Award.


I know I should just judge books like that but the reviews I read all talk about surrealism, magical realism, a fevered dream and even Ian Rankin calls it strange on the cover… I don’t think this is really something for me and I don’t know if I’ll read it.

Overall I’m quite happy with this box. I can’t order it again due to the shipping as usual but if you live in the US this is a really great subscription box and they do good deeds. Also, if you share your unboxing and use the hashtag #mypagehabit PageHabit will donate an additional book to a child in need!


In case you’re interested what was in the other boxes of the month, here’s the list:

Romance – Sweet Tea and Sympathy by Molly Harper
Young Adult Fiction – Haven by Mary Lindsey
Literary Fiction – Radio Free Vermont by Bil McKibben
Fantasy – The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty
Horror – Blackbird by Michael Fiegel
Historical Fiction – Deadly Cure by Lawrence Goldstone

I wouldn’t have minded the Romance box either :-).

So what do you think of this box? Would you be happy with the book and the book swag? Do you know any other great subscription boxes that I should try out? I had my eye on some other boxes too but they don’t ship to Europe 😦 so any other recs are welcome!

64 thoughts on “PageHabit mystery box: Unboxing #book subscription box #mypagehabit

    • I love pens and booksmarks most in book boxes but it’s great to see some original items too like the keepsake little box. Most boxes give a hint about the book inclosed so you can sort of get an idea if you have it already or not… Thank you lovely for taking a look at my box!


  1. Uhh… i just had a look and the shipping cost as much as the box itself. So that’s pretty much $60, which is at the moment around £40… Depending on where i buy my books, i could get at least 5-6 of them with this money.

    I’m really not that keen on the stuff they included either to be honest.

    I sort of liked Owlcrate, but they seem to only do YA, and it’s the same shipping cost… 😦

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    • I know, that’s why I only get one box (ok maybe two at the most) a year as a very special treat and I’m trying different ones. I like the ‘gift’ of a surprise novel to myself :-). If you live in the UK (which I presume) there are some UK based boxes that are certainly interesting too (sadly there are NO boxes in Belgium that sell English thrillers yet and the other (Dutch) boxes also have 8 EUR shipping already). I recently discovered My Chronicle Bookbox which I’m going to look into more. I’m interested in Owlcrate too (for the YA books) so maybe I’ll try that once in the future as well :-). Thank you Norrie and let me know if you ever find an interesting one!!

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  2. I will just wait patiently until you’ve tried all the boxes and see what comes out on top. 😄. This one, despite the notes from the author which are way cool, this one doesn’t appeal to me at all. And the shipping cost is insane.


  3. I’m not even going to visit site because it’s very disappointing to find out that all bookbox sites don’t ship to India without lots of delivery charges and it’s costly. I can buy 2 more books without any goodies in the same amount. Goodies are beautiful but I prefer to have more books than goodies. 😉

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  4. i want to start on a subs box too but real life comes in the way .. LOL… my current salary does not allow plus the ones in india are not worth the money spent. so i am living vicariously through posts of others 😛

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  5. I’ve been wanting to find a book box for awhile. I haven’t done a lot of research, but this one looks unique and what a great selection of books!

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  6. What a fantastic box, and I love the way you showed the unboxing! I’d love to get this box but shipping is the problem for me too! Maybe I’ll treat myself to one for my birthday lol. And I really hope you enjoy Little Broken Things, it’s a wonderful read 😊

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  7. I love the look of some of these boxes and some look really cool but they are very expensive and I’d be really disappointed if I ended up with a book I already have or one that I’m not remotely interested in. I think I’d rather spend the £40-50 on my own choice of books.

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    • I completely understand but it’s just so nice to get a surprise and this book (the one of the box not the bonus) really didn’t disappoint :-). I’m probably going to try a few other boxes in the future until I’m disappointed and then decide never again lol.


  8. I keep looking at subscription boxes but they either don’t ship to the UK or they contain loads of extras that I don’t want. Thanks for sharing such a thorough review of this box – the service and the contents – as it was really useful to me. It’s a shame the shipping costs are high for this one but I might look at ordering one as a treat at some point. It does look like you got two interesting books and some lovely goodies in the box, I hope you enjoy it all 🙂

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    • Believe me when I say that I made a whole study about what’s on the market before ordering this one but this box really stood out because of the annotations from the author. There are so many boxes in the UK though… The goodies are not the most important for me either but I was happy with the extras here nonetheless :-). Thank you!

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  9. I would enjoy the excitement of opening the box to discover the contents but I do I really need those extras? So it would come down to whether the books are worth buying – the author’s notes are a nice touch.

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    • Well I had not heard of these books and even if I had, I don’t know if I’d bought them immediately but it is a great opportunity to find a new author and maybe you can be pleasantly surprised this way. That’s the way I look at these boxes. This is my second box and in the first (Bookworm)box there were 2 books and one of them is from an author I now want to read more books from.


  10. It does sound like a great subscription box and I love the idea of the annotations! Very original. Such a shame about the shipping though… One of the reasons I refrain from buying subscription boxes in general. 😉

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  11. I do like the idea of the author’s note and I am glad to see that you got at least one book that you’d like to read. Wouldn’t buy he box because it would be crazy expensive to bring it to Africa lol but its a great idea!

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  12. Quite the adventure with the subs box! phewh!!! I saw your Twitter notif when you mentioned the unboxing and checked out the website and however much I have been meaning to try one those book boxes out, I never do for some reason… A European subs box would be pretty neat… hey is Ninja Book Box not EU based? I gotta jog my memory on that… Some pretty cool stuff though and with a great cause as well!

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    • There are some UK boxes (it’s either UK or US it seems) and yes Ninja Book Box is one of them! Fairyloot might interest you too, I heard good things but isn’t my genre. I might try a UK box in the future too if I find an interesting one.. there are a few other boxes that might be interesting.. but I found this concept the most original one and very different from the other boxes :-).

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  13. I’m so hesitant about these type of boxes because I am so stingy with money when it comes to books that I’m afraid the surprise book would either be one I’ve already read or one that I have no interest in. I do like the author annotations of this book, though! That’s very cool. It does not sound like their customer service is not so great, though.

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