Happy Valentine’s Day! Who wants a bookish wedding?

Happy Valentine's Day

I have some pretty great ideas in case anyone (hinthint) is asked today and wants a bookish wedding. Today is the perfect day to dream of one, so yes today of all days you are very much allowed to dream, think and even mention this post to your loved one 😉 !

I hope you can find some inspiration here and you absolutely don’t need to use all of them, you can always make a subtle reference to your (second) passion here or there right? I just want to give you some pretty neat ideas that I came across 🙂

Before the wedding

Library-card inspired save the dates




On the day itself

Yay you’re married.. time for a bookish confetti shower 🙂

Wedding ideas 02

Bookish Wedding Confetti by Spellbinderie on Etsy

You can find a bookish ring box and guestbooks here as well.

Insert some subtle bookish influences in the table setting

I also found this adorable cake topper



After the ceremony

Why not have your wedding pictures taken inside a big, beautiful library or a bookshop? 

Just Google and you’ll find plenty of lovely wedding pictures, there are a lot more possibilities than you might think at first.

You can find more inspiration in this post from Buzzfeed featuring 19 dreamy wedding locations

If you can’t find a bookish location you can still take some pictures with the bride standing on a stack of books or you can hold hands and show your wedding rings with a meaningful book underneath

Wedding ideas 06


After the wedding 

Thank you bookmarks

Wedding ideas 03

Thank you gifts

To have and to hold…



More inspiration on Pinterest on this link or get inspired by this article on Buzzfeed: 31 Beautiful Ideas for a Book-Inspired Wedding

So what do you think of these? Anything you like? I wish I’d seen this before I was married because I would have used some of these for sure. 


48 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! Who wants a bookish wedding?

  1. Although I definitely loooooove all those ideas, I think it might take a TON of convincing to get the boyfriend to agree if it’d ever come to that, haha. We’ll have to find a way to merge my bookworm-being with his metalhead-being to make it entirely us and right now I have no clue whatsoever how we’re supposed to do that. When the time comes, it’ll be a decent brainstorming session, that’s for sure! :’)

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