Same book, different cover #2

Battle of the books

Have you seen my cover battle #1?

Here are 5 new book covers for you to pick and choose your favorite one. This is just fun!

Faithful by Alice Hoffman

Dog books 03    faithful

I choose the first cover. I really like the details, and the second one feels so empty and rather nondescript, it’s not really doing anything for me.

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

The Both Die In The End 01    The Both Die At The End 02

Definitely the first one because of the beautiful colour tone. The second one doesn’t feel sad or ominous at all.

Rattle by Fiona Cummins

Rattle 01    Rattle 02

Definitely the X-ray one on the right, book nr 2. I really love that tagline and this alone made me want to read the novel.

The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker

The Fourth Monkey 01   The Fourth Monkey 02

Without a doubt, the second one again. The first doesn’t tell you anything about the novel and the second one is just more creative and alluring to find out more. I also like seeing what is mentioned on a cover too. I wouldn’t love a book cover that is called The Key and then there’s just a person on a cover instead of you know, an actual key.

You, Me, Everything by Catherine Isaac

You, Me, Everything 01    You, Me, Everything 02

Can you read my mind? It’s numberrrr 1. The second one looks like it’s a book from the ’80s (sorry). I just don’t like that style, but hey, I understand if that’s your preference!

So what are your thoughts on the covers (and/or books)? I haven’t read the first and last one yet but I’m interested to read them. 


53 thoughts on “Same book, different cover #2

  1. I completely agree with all of your choices! The first three were easy picks since blue is my favorite color by far and the last one is the perfect mix of colors, lines and simple design.

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  3. Oooh I like the concept of this post !

    here’s mine; 1, 1- loving the skull blending behind, 2-much better in Xray!, 1- idk looks more artistic to me in a way xF, ending with first !! That DNA ribbon on the cover is just.. superb !

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