Guess Who by Chris McGeorge #BookReview

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A waitress. A cleaner. An actress. A lawyer. A student. Everyone is a suspect.

In a locked room – with no escape, and no idea how they got there.

In the bathtub, the body of a man they all knew. Someone murdered him. Someone in this room.

They have three hours to find out. Or they all die.

Imagine Agatha Christie had created an interactive Escape the Room game, and GUESS WHO would be the result.

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YES! This is exactly the type of novel that I love to read. I had high expectations and a burning desire to play detective and solve the case before anyone else :-). Imagine 6 people held captive in a hotel room, one dead body and a ticking clock. It’ll all go BOOM if Morgan Sheppard doesn’t solve the case. So why Morgan? Good question! He is a reality TV host and has his own show called Resident Detective (it’s all a bit Jerry Springer honestly if you ask me). It’s all just an act though except this time, he’ll have to give it his best if he wants them to survive.

It was fun fun fun guessing who the killer among them was. I didn’t actually know so I kind of settled on a suspect who was the most likely one if I thought about it rationally and just zoomed in on that person like a crazy person. I’m really wondering if everyone had a favorite character to be the killer because I know I had one!

I thought the reactions and thoughts of Sheppard and everyone in the room felt very natural to me. I was floating along with the paranoia and trust-no-one attitude in the room. I also loved the secrets everyone had but most of all those of Sheppard! About halfway through the novel a tip of the veil is lifted why this is all happening and I was very surprised how deep the backstory went and how it was connected to the scene at the beginning of the novel. I knew of course there was some explanation but not in my wildest dreams did I think up this scenario. It’s all very plausible though and makes perfect sense and I was definitely just as invested into the plotline in the past as I was in the present, they were both just as interesting. Lots of surprises to be discovered in this locked-room mystery. How will they get out of this situation? Who is behind all of this? It’s sure to keep you turning these pages. I’m very impressed with this debut novel and I really want to see what else he can pull out of his hat. Well done, I really enjoyed reading this!

I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.


35 thoughts on “Guess Who by Chris McGeorge #BookReview

    • Haha you’re tempted, that’s so wonderful to hear :-). It’s a good one, even if you can’t solve it right away, is all I can say. Well you can figure out who before the actual reveal but you don’t really know why then -). I’m sure your whole 20 books of summer list will be great reads too though!

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  1. Great review, Inge. Glad to hear that you enjoyed this one and had a chance to play detective πŸ™‚ It does sound very Agatha Christie. It reminded me about Murder on the Orient Train which also had a number of suspects on a train where a murder occurred. Adding this one to my TBR!

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