Hurray! It’s a holi-holiday #personalproblems


When you’re reading this I’m hopefully somewhere high in the air.

I haven’t been away since I started my blog (in February 2016) but the last months have been very stressful. I might do another post about that, maybe later (and before you even think it, no I’m not pregnant.. it seems it’s the first thing people think). Anyway I just needed to get out of it. I can’t relax and let my worries go and I hope I’ll be able to do that when I’m away.

Being me is quite hard though because I can never decide, it’s one of my issues and it doesn’t get easier getting older. A simple example is that I have to decide what to wear the day before because I’d never get to work in time otherwise, it would take too long to decide in the morning. I guess I always fear losing something, making a bad decision… I decide a lot by tossing to make it easier or I buy two things so I don’t have to choose. Going on a holiday means making decisions as well. Choosing a destiny, filling a suitcase, deciding what books to take, what to do there.. I can tell you that I wasn’t looking forward to this.

So it’s no surprise it took me months to decide where to go. I started with paging through two different catalogues and came up with a clean list of 10 hotels and destinations: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Curaçao, Cape Verde, Ibiza, Krete, Chalkidiki. My international passport is expired though and I don’t want to go too far or too long this time so I went with the European destinations.

But I came at a big standstill then, left it for a month, thinking about it but not being able to cross off any more and then – surprise surprise – I finally booked (two weeks ago). I didn’t choose any of my wishlist that I poured over and thought about for a month or two though but I chose one of the last minutes on a tour operator’s website instead because frankly ‘there wasn’t a lot of choice’ :-). Anywaysss, I think it’s time for the big reveal… I’m going to Kos!

The name Kos is first attested in the Iliad, and has been in continuous use since. Other ancient names include Meropis, Cea and Nymphaea and Lango or Langò, presumably because of its length. In Italian, the island is known as Coo. Also, did you know a person from Kos is called a “Koan” in English?

Of course now I already regret not picking a destination with lots of lovely bookshops, and a big airport with lots of books.. I was only thinking about the sun at the time, I don’t know where my head was! Anyway, I’m going to make the best of it and maybe share some pics on Instagram if I can.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve got a catsitter (my dad) who’s coming to stay over and watch Poes because I wouldn’t be leaving at all if she didn’t have the best care there is.

So there you go… I’m going on a hiatus for the first time ever. I don’t know for how long either because I might extend it a bit after my return, I really need some time off of everything in life. I have a blog tour post that I had already signed up for and but other than that I have no blog posts prepared so you’ll see me when you see me! Take care lovely people!

PS I picked 3 paperbacks to take with me (and an ereader full of books). How many paperbacks (Kindle is too easy) do you take with you on holiday? Also, if you have any tips about Kos, I’d be happy to know. 

Vacation vibes

67 thoughts on “Hurray! It’s a holi-holiday #personalproblems

  1. Have an amazing holiday!! I was in Kos years ago, when dancing on bars got you free shots so as you can imagine I don’t remember anywhere to recommend ☺️ but I do remember having a lovely time there and some fantastic walks along the beach, cocktails and lots of reading so I’m sure you’ll have fun 😊 x

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      • I definitely could, which is why my weekends are pretty much empty from now on. 🙂 We got a Centerparcs-week planned for the end of October and I’m really, really looking forward to that. Until then, taking it one day at a time and trying not to crash and burn, hah.

        We’ll make it through – both of us. 🙂
        Soak up some extra sun for me. 💕

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    • I take both although I could just do with the ereader as well… but as long as there’s room in my suitcase, why not 😉. Oh I didn’t know a full report was expected, I didn’t really plan a post about my trip but maybe, I’ll give it some thought now at least, thanks for the idea 😋

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  2. Have a lovely holiday, and enjoy the sunshine. While going somewhere with lots of books shops can be lovely, I do enjoy going somewhere quite and just soaking up the sunshine for a little while x

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  3. Woo! Hope you are having fun!
    The pics i saw on insta are awesome ❤

    I usually struggle to decide where to go too, so i leave it up to the BF or my friend to decide and i just smile and nod at everything 😀

    The only time i chose a destination i ended up not going there and choosing something else, cuz my option cost 3 times more than anything else, and the flight times were super inconvenient. :/

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