Same book, different cover #09


I’m back with 5 new book covers to pick and choose your favorite one. This is just for fun so there are no wrong answers! OK, I’ll go first, then it’s up to you:

An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

AnUnwantedGuest  An Unwanted Guest 02

I pick cover 1. It pops out more and I’m not a fan of winter at all so maybe that’s why I’m not attracted to the cold cover nr. 2.

The Confession by Jo Spain

The Confession 02  The Confession 01  The Confession 03

Number 3. Then number 2. Not number 1 :-). Number 1 could be used as well for the cover of The Breakdown by B.A. Paris. The third cover gives something away about this novel and the first and second don’t really.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

 The Kiss Quotient 01  The Kiss Quotient 02

I kind of like them both. The quotient sign in the title of the first cover is a nice addition but my final choice is cover 2 because of the color.

Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier 

Jar of Hearts 01  Jar of Hearts 02

The most difficult choice of all. Maybe a slight advantage for cover 1 over number 2 because I do like the red petals, they catch my attention immediately.

Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

Last Time I Lied 02  Last Time I Lied 01

Cover 1. His first novel, Final Girls, had pink edges and I like how the same technique – with another colour – is repeated in the second novel. If you have both novels it’s going to be lovely to look at  🙂


So that’s it. Tell me your thoughts! If you can’t get enough, check out Battle Of The Books #1 – #2#3 – #4 – #5#6 – #7#8

32 thoughts on “Same book, different cover #09

  1. Hmm… i think i prefer the orange cover for Last Time I Lied and the red flowery one for Jar of Hearts.
    The others… umm, can’t really decide. They are all pretty ok, but none of them really stands out compared to the others for me.

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  2. Oh, I love choosing covers and would have to say, for cover one I would go with number 2, and yes, with you on book two’s cover 1 with the split faces. Very dramatic. On book three I would go with with cover 1 as I would with Jar of Hearts. It’s all about the red petals. And the last book has to be the orange one, as it’s eye catching!

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    • I love choosing covers and hearing everyone’s choices. I agree in the last one the orange is more vibrant but I totally love the green bunny. It’s different and really reflects that blind people who can suddenly see don’t associate like we do. A bunny aha is brown or grey… no they see the world differently and have to learn to see. Such a fascinating book and look at the world. Thanks for playing along Alex!


  3. I agree with you on all of these! The last one was tricky because I do love my blue covers, but the first one wins for the same reason you mentioned. I like it when books match, even if it’s not a series.

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