Blind Date With a Book #subscriptionbox *spoilers!*

Blind Date With a Book

Happy hump day! This feels like a perfect time to tell you about the new subscription box I tried. I already reviewed two boxes before and in case you missed it, you can find my reviews on the PageHabit (mystery) box and the Bookworm box (romance) by clicking on the links 😊.

This one is not really a box but only a book so really perfect for people who don’t really want a box with bookish goodies.

You can choose a book yourself on the website of Blind Date With A Book by looking at a few keywords that describe the book. I really like the idea to still have a hand in choosing something that I think I’d like but keeping it a surprise too. I didn’t get any presents this year so I decided to gift myself two books. Because I already read so many thrillers and didn’t want to risk having the book already I thought it was wiser to choose two books with a bit of romance:


I have to give them a 10 out of 10 for the gorgeous packaging. I love the way these look and the words printed on the wrapping paper, it’s almost too nice to unwrap!

So why did I choose these two books? Well those keywords really spoke to me on both books. I love books with DOGS in them!


I also like a novel that can give me ALL THE FEELS!


So are you curious what I received?

Only scroll down if you really want to know!

Are you sure?

Spoiler ahead!



Here they are. Honestly, it was a little bit of a let down because I was hoping for other books.

Well I can’t say The Secret of Happy Ever After wasn’t a good choice but I already read it. 😢 What are the chances though, I don’t read much romance and I only read 2 novels by Lucy Dillon so far (her last one Where The Light Gets In was in my top fav readlist last year btw). My first read was this novel and although I liked it, I didn’t love it and I don’t really fancy rereading it.

As for Eleanor & Park, when you’re an avid reader chances are it’s one you already read too, it’s a popular title. Now I haven’t read it but I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, gave it 2 stars and didn’t want to read another book by this author again. There was no real romance in it and the alternating chapters were just weird and I didn’t get it at all (some Harry Potter reference apparently). This book probably won’t be read and I think I’ll add it to my Facebook swap page called English books-Engelse boeken (@bookwormsdream if you’re interested).

So yeah it wasn’t a big success for me this time but it could have been a whole other story and I feel I just had some bad luck this time.

If you’re interested they have a Blind Date With a Book Club (UK, US and International) and you can sign up for 6 months (or if you want to try it out like me you can just order once). If you’re in the UK its cheapest. You simply select the genres of books you’d enjoy receiving and once a month you’ll get a surprise novel. I really like the idea, I think it’s a great gift for someone or to give yourself.

So anyway, do you know any other subscription boxes that ship internationally and don’t cost an arm and leg that I can check out? Or maybe I should sign up for a Secret Santa Swap next year somewhere?

Have you ordered on the website Blind Date With a Book and were you happy with the book(s) you received? Anyone else interested in trying this book service? 

43 thoughts on “Blind Date With a Book #subscriptionbox *spoilers!*

  1. Great review! I’ve looked at this company before because I think the whole idea of the book being a mystery – that you partially choose – is just so inspired! Sorry the books didn’t work out for you, though; I guess there’s always that risk with mystery books.

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  2. I always eye these and think it’s really nice on paper, but I’m almost sure that I won’t be happy with what came from the pack. It will be hard to send something I don’t have anyway, but I’m very particular in my reading. So, as much as I love the idea and the surprise element, it’s unlikely to be a happy outcome 🙂 I have Elenor and Park and I haven’t read it. I didn’t read any Rowell actually. I hope you enjoy it if you read, which will give me a push 🙂 Great post, x

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    • Well I tried two other boxes before and was quite happy with the books I received (except a free added book in one) so this gave me confidence to continue… now though, I don’t know. I want to hear from other bloggers first in the future 😊 I think you are right and you better not risk it, if you were in my place you would have gotten a book you already have too. Not sure when or if I’m going to read it, if nobody wants to swap maybe eventually but I wouldn’t wait for it… there’s so many books I’m excited about that I want to read first 😃

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  3. This sounds fun, but I’m with you that the chance of getting a book I read is disappointing. I guess that’s why a lot of the big YA boxes try to go with new releases, but they’re still a danger for people who preorder a lot of books or buy a lot of books right at release. (I don’t have that problem, but there’s certainly a chance I would have read a backlist book in a subscription box like this.)

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  4. Oh, now I like the idea of getting mystery books through the post, but then again, as you said, you never know what you’re going to get, and with you, you got two books you didn’t really want. Which is a huge shame. I guess this sounds like a good idea, in theory, but in practise? Maybe not so hot.

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    • Well I did like both pf the other boxes in the past, the books in the romance (Bookworm) box were from authors I never heard of but turned out to be a pretty good and a great read. If I hadn’t ordered then I would probably never have read these and would be missing out too. I guess this box is not for me, it could be different with another order but I’m not taking a risk any more. Shame because I like goodies but it’s not really a must for me.

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      • I know a few people do these kinds of boxes, especially those who do Instagram a lot. The gifts are a great way to showcase books. But I guess, 2 out of 3 is not bad and, as you say, maybe just skip this company, or choose a different category.

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  5. Oo, i liked Eleanor and Park 😍. The romance was sort of cute and innocent.
    Planning to read Fangirl soon, and I’m actually glad to hear the lack of romance 😂
    This blind date thing sounds cool! I’d be worried getting books i already have tho.

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  6. I agree that the presentation is gorgeous! A shame you already read one and aren’t interested in the other though… Eleanor & Park does have more romance in it and no fantasy. 😉

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  7. Such a shame you ended up disappointed! I think it’s a rough one with a subscription like this, since they’re obviously older releases. If you’re an avid reader, chances are definitely high you’ve already read it but simply aren’t consciously linking the descriptive words to the book. [We all ready so many books after all..]


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