Now You See Her by Heidi Perks #BookReview

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Charlotte is looking after her best friend’s daughter the day she disappears. She thought the little girl was playing with her own children. She swears she only took her eyes off them for a second.

Now, Charlotte must do the unthinkable: tell her best friend Harriet that her only child is missing. The child she was meant to be watching.

Devastated, Harriet can no longer bear to see Charlotte. No one could expect her to trust her friend again. Only now she needs to. Because two weeks later Harriet and Charlotte are both being questioned separately by the police. And secrets are about to surface.

Someone is hiding the truth.
So what really happened to Alice?

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Now You See Her by Heidi Perks is also published as Her One Mistake. After reading the novel I think both titles are appropriate and quite fitting although I have a slight preference for the first one which makes me silently complete the sentence with Now You Don’t :-).

I enjoyed the author’s writing style from the very beginning. I knew the book was about a missing child and right from the start she had me highly anticipating that moment of the disappearance of four year old Alice. I was seeking out opportunities for someone to snatch a child and I had a few moments of relief but I knew it was inevitable. I know you have to have eyes on your back when it comes to small children but still, it’s frightening to see how quickly it can happen. The aftermath was so tragic, I felt strongly for both Charlotte and Harriet and it pained me to see that this also caused the loss of their friendship and the support in these tough times when they both need it the most.

In chapters told in the present and the past the women share everything leading up to that moment and the plotline was seriously addictive. I did enjoy a novel with a plot similar to this one not so long ago so I naturally made a connection and I can’t say I was surprised with the first big twist but it definitely wasn’t the only one in the novel so I still had my fair dose of surprises. What troubled me perhaps most was the fact that the novel begins two weeks after Alice’s disappearance with Charlotte and Harriet being questioned at the police station. It raised a big red flag in my head. What had happened, did they find Alice, and most of all why were they both being questioned? I had to wait quite a while to get my answer to that one and I loved being kept in the dark for so long.

I got much, much more than a straightforward abduction and solving of the case. The novel had two great characters and their stories made the story so very compelling. Now You See Her is a wonderfully gripping read. The ending was really high on tension too and it really made me wonder how it was going to end. Will all secrets be revealed and will they find Alice alive? I can only say the best books just don’t let you leave emotionally unscathed 🙂

I can highly recommend this novel where nothing is as it seems at first sight. There are false appearances, lies and deceit to be found in this novel, but friendship and love as well.

I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.



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