New BFF: The Reading Chick


Today on the blog I present to you a lovely and sweet blogger from Nashville in the US: a very warm welcome to Deborah a.k.a. The Reading Chick.

Apart from the fact that we’re both chicks who love to read we have at least two more things in common. First thing that comes to mind is that we both love bookmarks (and I’m sure Deborah has a bigger collection than I have) and second thing I found out is that she has her own Blogger to Blogger series and you should definitely read them because she interviewed so many awesome bloggers that I know. Seriously, when I see all of those blogger pictures taken from the front door, it makes me want to live in so many different countries!


Before I’ll start daydreaming about moving away, let’s go on with the questions, shall we? Oh and don’t forget to give her a follow on her blog and/or on Twitter later on ok?!


Name: Deborah, but I also go by Deb

Pronounce Names

US, France, Brasil etc.

Age: Oh boy, I plead the 5th!

Birthday: August 28th

What did you study or do you study now / what is your current job? When I went to school I was an English major. I had dreams of working for a publisher and reading books all day long. Seriously, I didn’t have a clue. Somehow I fell into a career in advertising and sell commercial time on a TV station in Nashville.

TV commercial

Top 10 on YouTube

Do you have any other hobbies? Well, I do read a lot, but I also love sports and going to sporting events.

Your favourite color? Pink and/or purple.

Pink 02

Do you collect anything (besides books)? I collect Angels but I don’t have them out all year round just at Christmas. My sister is an amazing needlework artist so most of them are needlepoint that she’s done.

What’s the name of the book that you’ve had the longest? Have you read it? The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I have definitely read it a couple of times but my favorite memory is of my mother reading it to me when I was a little girl. Kind of creepy, I know. She did great Golem voices!

TRC 01

Have you ever regretted a book you purchased? A book that sounded so promising but you wished you’d have spent your money on another book after reading it? Oh gosh, there have probably been a LOT. Nothing jumps out at me though. Nowadays most of the books I read are from the library or an ARC that I’ve received for free. Not every book is excellent, but if they were we’d have to come up with a new rating system wouldn’t we?

Do you listen to audio books? I always have one going that I listen to while in my car driving to work or working out to at the gym.


Do you have a favorite genre? I have a few. I love romance novels and YA novels, but my favorite are Fantasy novels. You can tell that my mom reading the Hobbit to me as a child had a big influence, right?

Reader fantasy

What is the book highest on your wishlist right now? Oh gosh, if I’m being honest I’d have to say there are quite a few! I’m really looking forward to Katie Ruggle‘s In Her Sights which is the first in a new series. She’s a great Romantic Suspense writer. I’m also really looking forward to Anne Bishop‘s Wild Country which comes out next month and is another book in the World of Others series. I’m curious about Helen Hoang‘s Meet Cute and want to see if she can follow up with a second great novel… I could go on and on.. I’d say Ilona Andrews Sapphire Flames which doesn’t come out until August is probably my most anticipated though.

How is your library organized? Ummm. It isn’t? I do have a couple of nice bookcases that I try to keep pretty because people can see them. Then I have my hidden bookshelves which are just books stacked half hazard.

Bookcase 1

Books 2

Do you read more ebooks or physical books? I read a mixture of the two but because most of the ARC’s I get are ebooks it seems I’m leaning towards the ebooks. Also, I get ebooks from the library on my Overdrive app. That has really cut down on my book spending!


Do you have a favorite book? I have read and listened to Mariana Zapata’s Kulti quite a few times!


What’s the cover in your collection that you’re most proud of? The prettiest cover in my collection is An Enchantment of Ravens. The novel was just as gorgeously written as the cover!


Do you have any idea how many books you own? <100, >100, >200, >300 …? I would say around 250 ish? I haven’t counted lately, but I have a TON.

What’s the title of the last book you purchased? Kristen Ashley’s FREE.


Through good times, bad times and times of war, Cole “Rush” Allen grew up in the Chaos Motorcycle Club. Along this journey, he watched his father, Tack, and his MC brothers fight, sweat, bleed and die to steer the Club to legitimacy.

And they’ve got one more battle on their hands.

A battle they have to win.

But when Rush meets the woman who put herself right in the thick of it, he knows he has to stop at nothing to get her out.

Rebel Stapleton has lost someone she loves to murder and she’s the kind of woman who’s going to do something about it. She puts her career on the line, and her life, to bring the man who did it to justice.

That is, she does this until Rush Allen intervenes.

Chaos is at war and they’re about to face the ultimate showdown. They’ll have to negotiate skeletons from the past, enemies becoming allies, and loved ones in the line of fire on their ride to be…


What was your favorite author when you were a child? Frank L. Baum. I was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz books. I still love them!

Frank Baum quote

From which author do you have most books? I have all of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Sackhouse books, as well as a huge number of Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, and Anne Bishop.

Are there books you’ve read 2 or 3 times? I’ve definitely read any book by Mariana Zapata at least twice. She’s an amazing romance author and is famous for slow burn romances. I’ve also read all of Ilona Andrews books at least twice, some of them 3-4 times. Recently, I am going through Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series again.

Did you know? Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team, Gordon and Ilona. They currently reside in Texas with their two children and numerous dogs and cats. The couple are the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors of the Kate Daniels and Kate Daniels World novels as well as The Edge and Hidden Legacy series. They also write the Innkeeper Chronicles series, which they post as a free weekly serial.

How many books are there on your Goodreads challenge this year and how many have you read already? I actually backed down off my challenge a little bit to 170. Last year I set a goal of 200 and while I did hit it, I wanted to read more books for me, than to just hit a goal so I’m giving myself a little break.

Can you spell your name with the first letters of titles in your book case ? 

D ead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
E tched in Bone by Anne Bishop
B reathe by Amanda Bouchet
O wn the Wind by Kristen Ashley
R ide Rough by Laura Kaye
A n Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
H arry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling


Thanks for your answers Deborah, it was wonderful to have you!!


In case you missed it, here are the 5 last BFF’s (Blog Friends Forever) I posted about. You can find the tab with links to these and the previous posts on my home page.

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I don’t want my BFF club to be complete just yet! There’s still room for plenty more so give me a shout if you want to be featured ! 

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