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I am delighted to by joining the blog tour today for J.S. Monroe’s gripping new novel, Forget My Name and I want to thank Vicky of publishing house Head of Zeus for the tour invite and sending a copy my way! I’ll share my thoughts about the novel in a minute but do take a look at this fabulous blurb first.


You are outside your front door. There are strangers in your house. Then you realise… You can’t remember your name.

She arrived at the train station after a difficult week at work. Her bag had been stolen, and with it, her identity. Her whole life was in there – passport, wallet, house key. When she tried to report the theft, she couldn’t remember her own name. All she knew was her own address.

Now she’s outside Tony and Laura’s front door. She says she lives in their home. They say they have never met her before.

One of them is lying.

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J.S. Monroe read English at Cambridge, worked as a foreign correspondent in Delhi, and was weekend editor of the Daily Telegraph in London before becoming a full-time writer. Monroe is the author of six novels, including the international bestseller, Find Me.


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Blimey! I read a novel I’m not likely to forget soon. Forget My Name is a thrilling read and it has an excellent plotline involving amnesia. I was delighted to find it felt differently from other novels about memory loss and my mouth almost dropped when I realised what was the truth and really at the base of this novel. There’s so much more to it than I assumed at first.

To be honest, I don’t know if I would and I wonder if other people would really let someone in who turns up at their doorstep claiming to live there so quickly, but luckily Tony and Laura do, they open their door and let the woman on their doorstep in to get to her senses, and with that act of goodwill the story is well set into motion and will twist and turn continuously.

I loved all the guesswork in this novel and this time it wasn’t only me, everyone was trying to find out who the mystery woman was and the wildest assumptions were made making her the suspect of being a Russian spy to a ruthless killer or even a long lost family member. But which one is it? As a reader you just don’t know which path the story is going to take ultimately, everything goes and that makes it a brilliantly unpredictable novel. I couldn’t get a grip on the mystery woman either, who is named Jemma – with a J -. She seemed genuine enough but I did wonder occasionally if she really was all she seemed. She did seem legit and she definitely knew Tom and Laura’s house though. My thoughts were running wild, and then, when I thought I had finally figured it out, the author made my confidence waver and the situation turned out to be completely different than I had thought and the story took off on a second wave of even more questions about what was going on right there. I certainly wouldn’t place any bets when reading this novel, you might lose your money.  

I can’t really say more about this novel because it would spoil so much fun, but this one falls in the category of one of my favorite tropes, so of course I couldn’t contain a little shriek of contentment when I saw where this was going. I read similar novels about what ‘Jemma’ is going through before but I’d certainly recommend this one if anyone asks. The plot has lots of mystery and thrills and a deep dark secret too and the author has a brilliant way of writing about it. I had no idea where Forget My Name was going to take me but it still surprised me more than I had anticipated!

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