What to do when you’re not reading: a bookworm’s hobby: making your own bookmark #cross-stitch


Hi everyone!

I was flipping through the pages of this old (French) magazine that I was about to throw out…

Bookmark 00

… and my eyes fell on this bookmark of a cat! I love bookmarks and cats so I decided to spend a few hours making this.

Bookmark 01

I had some spare aida count fabric (where you can really see the squares well enough but I’m sure you can do this on evenweave as well). Of course I didn’t follow the instructions (that would have been to simple) because I wanted to use that end bit that was already sticking out, so it meant I ended up with a much smaller design (I almost didn’t get the cat on it is what the truth is). So if you’re going to do this, follow the instructions, it’s like baking really. 

You have to fold the corners and stitch around with a thread the same colour as your fabric to prevent fraying.

Some supervision was necessary of course

Bookmark 05

and not always helping…

Bookmark 06

I just used some (Anchor) thread in different shades of grey that I kept from another cross-stitch kit. The design was ok but I hated the back-stitch (the contours) even more than usual because they made it in very small stitches and not using the big squares at all. I kind of freewheeled it a bit ;-).

Bookmark 07

And there you go! I did another butterfly too in case you hadn’t noticed it.


Now because it’s so ugly to see the thread on the back AND because you want your bookmark to hold up and not be flimsy, I inserted a piece of white cardboard (I don’t know why that wasn’t mentioned in the magazine!). It meant I had to open one side, slide it in and stitch it back again. Maybe it’s best to do the sides once you’re done with the design.

I was wondering if I should add something else on it, like my name or something bookish, like I’m reading or something, but I didn’t want to mess it up so I did another little project… I would make a bookmark with my name on it!

There were a lot of lettres in the magazine, each with a different style… but I preferred the last one.

Of course THAT’s the moment where you forget how to spell your own name. Gah!

I wasn’t too happy with the pink either so I decided to change to purple for the next word.

And it’s finished

Bookmark 14

Bookmark 17

Bookmark 15


So what do you think? Should I add a tassle on one of these to make it better? Would you have done anything different? Let me know in the comments. If you think I completely wasted my time (tell me something I don’t know) you don’t have to say so.

If you’re looking for more bookish hobbies, here are some other ideas I posted about in the past:

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day,


50 thoughts on “What to do when you’re not reading: a bookworm’s hobby: making your own bookmark #cross-stitch

  1. You didn’t waste your time at all – you learned a lot from these two projects. A couple of suggestions – when you do your initial sticking to prevent fraying, I don’t think you need to fold in the edges, you can just sew a row of stiches along the edge (you’ll remove them later). That way you don’t have to open up any edge to insert the backing card. Second suggestion – glue or stitch a piece of contrast fabric to the back to cover up the card and the seams.

    You’ve motivated me to go and look for one of my (many) unfinished projects…..

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    • Not much ‘talent’ needed really, just a bit of patience. I’d recommend the letters though, they’re easier to do and Jo’s Book won’t take much time at all :-). You should give it a try, I’m sure you’d be pleased when you’ve finished this little project. If you want the mag, let me know, but I’m sure you can find a cross-stitch design of letters on Pinterest or anywhere on the web really.

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  2. WOW! Fantastic. I use to love doing these kind of things, eh, decades ago, and haven’t done a project in years. I love the idea of doing a bookmark, and yes, the one with your name is way cool! I’m now inspired and need to go find a hobby shop to buy the bits and pieces. ❤

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  3. Myself and sewing of any kind don’t get along so I think your bookmarks are amazing, the cat one is very cute. I seem to recall making one at school many zillions of years ago. Years later my mum found it in a draw and used it until it eventually fell apart.

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    • I learned to crochet and knit in school at the young age of 7-8 or 9 (can’t remember). What I do remember is that I came home and my mother pulled it out and started over again. That’s how bad I was at needlework then. You see it can always become better by ageing ;-). How sweet of your mum to use yours.. I bet it would look even better if you were to make a new one now. Thanks so much for the compliment!!

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  5. This is so cute! The cat is adorable, I think a tassel would look really nice on the end of either bookmark.
    It’s a lot of fun reading what book bloggers get up to when they’re not reading thanks for sharing!
    I like to make terrariums myself 🙂

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