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Book Fairy Unboxing

Hi lovelies! For the third year in a row I have purchased a one-off subscription box. It’s my birthday soon after all and I want books for my birthday! That’s not so strange is it? Every year it’s a quest to find a box that:

a) ships internationally,
b) isn’t exorbitant in (shipping) price,
c) can be ordered just one time, and
d) delivers books that I actually want to read.

It looks easy – there are a lot of book boxes – but surprisingly, not many tick all these boxes (excuse the pun).

So this year I found the Book Fairy BoxWhat’s in a name huh? I loved it already (and no it’s not a fantasy box)! Check out their lovely website to find out more.

To make it easier, I’ll already tell you what they have to offer in every box:

  • Book fairy exclusives
  • A new book and a second-hand book, to encourage the idea of reusing
  • At least one item that supports a greener lifestyle
  • We promise no one-use plastic or any unnecessary plastic packaging

The boxes will be shipped as orders come in!

So here’s the box when it arrived, shipping was super quick too btw. Now it’s only a brown box, nothing special about it so I haven’t taken a pic of the closed box, but when I opened it, the look of the content really made up for the plain exterior.

BFBox 22

First of all there’s a little Book Fairy Survival Kit. There are little cards that you can leave in books if you want to let them fly in the wild and some cute little pins.

BFBox 24

Next up was the package with all the goodies, wrapped up in delicate paper. The first thing I found was a sachet to make ice tea. You just pour it in a glass and add ice and water. I’m certainly going to try this out!

Next item was a special book fairy cookie cutter from etsy shop Petit Craft. I’m not a great cook but I’m sure I’m going to try that one in the future. It’s a stupid question, I know, but how do you make THE BEST cookie dough? If I start googling I’ll find a hundred different recipes with other measurements that I won’t know which one to use probably.

Then I found this cute little trinket. It’s a little locket from etsy shop Locket Library in the shape of a book, how cute! I already checked out the shop, I’ve never heard of them but they’re a great discovery :-)!

And another package to open from Literary Emporium 

BFBox 11

I found this little booklet where you can note which book you lent to who and on what date. There are no more excuses to forget who you lent a book to. I like it but I only lend my books to one person and one at a time so it won’t be useful right away but I’m sure I’ll make someone happy with it sooner or later :-).

BFBox 26

And then there were also… a new bookmark and a handcrafted bookplate

BFBox 16

BFBox 17

And last but not least of the goodies (7 in total!): a reusable beeswax wrap to take my lunch to work with 🙂 from Eco-Habit Their product is hand made using Oeko-100 certified textiles and 100% natural British Beeswax. 

The wrap is airtight, malleable, reusable and when the time comes – biodegradable. I’m happy I can do something good by simply using this. In case you’re wondering, you can clean it by using a cloth and cold water. 

I haven’t used it yet but I’m going to try this out real soon. I’ll be the hippest one at the office and they’ll all know it!

Beeswax wrap

And then the books of course… one second-hand and a new one. Now I already knew what the new one was going to be (this actually did help me decide to take the plunge and order the box). I’m quite happy with the other novel, Still Dark as well. It has good ratings on Goodreads and an author I didn’t know so that’s wonderful.

There’s also a lovely little card from a mini book fairy in one of the books. It’s official now #ibelieveinbookfairies 🙂

Here’s the full box:

BFBox 19

BFBox 18

I really love this box, I was happy with the goodies and the books, and I could see myself ordering this one again!

So what do you think? Would you be happy with the box (it’s ok if you don’t agree with me)? Have you read one of the books, or both? Let me know in the comments! If you know any recommended boxes for next year, also let me know, it would save me a lot of trouble researching 🙂

PS: Here are my reviews of the subscription boxes in the past:

The Bookworm Box
Page Habit
Blind Date With A Book

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