Mr Nobody by Catherine Steadman #BookReview

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When a man is found on a Norfolk beach, drifting in and out of consciousness, with no identification and unable to speak, interest in him is sparked immediately. From the hospital staff who find themselves inexplicably drawn to him; to international medical experts who are baffled by him; to the nationalpress who call him Mr Nobody; everyone wants answers. Who is this man? And what happened to him?

Neuropsychiatrist Dr Emma Lewis is asked to assess the patient. This is her field of expertise, this is the chance she’s been waiting for and this case could make her name known across the world. But therein lies the danger. Emma left this same small town in Norfolk fourteen years ago and has taken great pains to cover all traces of her past since then.

But now something – or someone – is calling her back. And the more time she spends with her patient, the more alarmed she becomes.

Has she walked into danger?

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star three and a half

A man with no memory is found on a deserted beach by a dog walker. Is it a state of retrograde amnesia, a fugue, or even worse, could he be faking it? Wanting to avoid a scandal like they had in the past when they came across ‘The Piano Man’ the government brings in Emma, a neuropsychiatrist. In all of the country she’s one with the most expertise in this field.

I found it fascinating to read about the different possibilities and always find the mind to be such curious thing, and I was wondering if it was possible that Mr. Nobody had a hidden agenda. Does he really have no memory? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? His very decisive actions in a moment of crisis in the hospital speak volumes about his past even without an identity, or so it seemed, and what was even more mystifying is that he seemed to recognize Emma. Could he be connected to her past in some way? A past that she hates to think about and even made her contemplate taking the job – a once in a million opportunity – in the first place.  She feels guilty about her past too but about what exactly is information that slowly trickles in over the course of the novel.

Emma is drawn to this mystery man who’s soon dubbed Matthew by hospital staff, but despite the tests she’s running she’s unable to explain how he knows so much about her. The tension mounts when people find out about her and her past – which we’re still much in the dark about at that point – and she doesn’t feel safe anymore. The confusion is all around until the most shocking truth about Matthew finally comes out.

Mr. Nobody was a pacey thriller which kept me firmly in its grip. The suspense was brilliant and I was guessing all the way throughout the book. The ending was definitely twisty but felt a tad over-the-top for me and I was a little disappointed that a character who I found quite clever could turn into someone so stupid. I’m sure most readers won’t have a problem with that twist though and will be delighted with its orginality so don’t let me stop you from finding out for yourself!

One thing is for sure, Mr. Nobody certainly isn’t a nobody. He’s very much somebody and you’ll know it when you read this novel.

I received a free paperback copy of this novel from the publisher Simon and Schuster in exchange for my honest opinion.

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