A Cat Called Cupid by Tilly Tenant #BookReview

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Lara and Theo are meant to be. They just don’t know it yet…

Lara loves her job as a wedding planner. She gets to organise other people’s perfect days and make sure nothing ever goes wrong.

Theo loves his job as a jazz musician, working unpredictable hours and giving other people great nights out.

Lara knows she’s got high standards. But there’s nothing wrong with getting things right… so why has it stopped her finding Mr Right?

Theo knows people think he’s a bit scruffy, a bit too laid back. But there’s nothing wrong with setting your own pace… if only he could find someone who wanted to live life at his speed.

It’s okay, though. Lara gets to come home in the evening and have heart-to-hearts with her greedy grey cat Fluffy. And Theo can come home in the early hours and unwind with his loyal cat Satchmo.

What they don’t know is that it’s the same cat.

And when they find out – standing in the street in their pyjamas, both on the hunt for their lost pet – sparks of the wrong sort will fly…

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Surprised with my choice of read? I think I surprised myself a little bit too but it all makes perfect sense. I love cats (and dogs too), I love romances where two lost souls find each other when they least expect it, so my interest was raised right away and the cat playing such a big role in the story as a catalyst bringing people together was the big fat bonus that really sold it for me. So while I don’t read romance novels very often I simply couldn’t resist A Cat Called Cupid when I saw it. I can’t believe this is my first novel by this author, even though she has written 30ish books now, but yes… the cat did it!

This novel was very engaging and easy to read. The friendship between Lara and her employee Betsy is warm and sweet enough to make you jealous as well as making you want to work for Lara yourself. I’m not sure I’d have the patience and professionalism Lara has when problems occur on a couple’s wedding day. A big part of the story shows Lara organising weddings (some couples book her only for the day, others ask her to organise everything herself from start to finish) and I quite enjoyed reading about her work.

Time and time again her path crosses with Theo, the man who tries to snatch her cat Fluffy away from her, claiming it’s his cat and calling him Satchmo. I could easily identify with Lara’s feelings towards her pet and what Fluffy meant to her. She would do anything for that cat and I could only cheer her on to fight for him. Can she win this fight though? The little naughty furrball has a cattitude and likes to play both fields. It is a game of push and pull that ensues between both cat owners but it is the cat himself who ultimately brings a truths between them, even though it wasn’t his intention. Can it hold, who will get sole ownership, and will these enemies turn into lovers, because you’ll wish for it right away when you meet them and they meet each other. You’ll have to read and see :-).

A Cat Called Cupid is a a warm read and perfect escapism. If you’re a cat lover you’ll want to read this purrrrfect novel!

I received a free ecopy of this novel from the publisher Bookouture in exchange for my honest opinion.


17 thoughts on “A Cat Called Cupid by Tilly Tenant #BookReview

  1. Strangely enough, I love reading these kind of feel good straightforward stories, and find them usually really good fun. They’re just a lovely change of pace to all the death, doom and gloom of crime fiction. ☺️

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