Same book, different cover #12


I might have stopped doing these post but I did continue to collect covers of books I read or are on my readlist. So I’m finally back today with 5 new book covers to pick and choose your favorite one. This is just for fun so there are no wrong answers! OK, I’ll go first, then it’s up to you:

Forget My Name by J.S. Monroe

Forget My Name Forget My Name 02

Hmm difficult because it feels basically like it’s the same cover, although it’s not because if you look closely you see the woman is not in the window of the second cover. It took me a minute to even notice this to be honest. Anyway, I think I’ll go for the first one because in this case the woman feels even more intriguing.

The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

The Escape Room 02  The Escape Room 03  The Escape Room

I love the first cover! The last one feels too clinical and makes me think it’s more of a sci-fi read and the second cover is very dark but also makes me think of a chase in the woods and the novel is a locked-room mystery so that doesn’t really give the right impression for me.

Never Tell by Lisa Gardner

never tell 02  never tell 01

I choose the second cover here. The first one makes me think I’m going to read a memoir of a ballerina or something. I also really like the tagline which flows so naturally into the book title.

The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton

The Craftsman The Craftsman 01 The Craftsman 02 The Craftsman 03

I love the first and second cover most of all. The third cover is okay but I’ve seen this figure plenty of times on covers already, and it doesn’t even appear in the novel at all.. it should be a clay effigy if they want to do it right. The fourth novel looks like an ’80s novel, that one doesn’t attract me at all.

Watching from the Dark by Gytha Lodge

WatchingFromTheDark 02 WatchingFromTheDark

I prefer the second cover again. I totally get the first cover, although I had to think it through. It’s the spyhole in a door, right, or am I seeing things now? I think I’d like it more if it didn’t have these colours, it gives me more of a YA fantasy vibe. The second cover isn’t really so special, but I still like it, and also the typesetting feels better in this one.


So that’s it. Tell me your thoughts! If you can’t get enough, check out Battle Of The Books #1 – #2#3 – #4 – #5#6 – #7#8#9#10#11

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40 thoughts on “Same book, different cover #12

  1. Ha! I’ve missed these, Inge. Always fun to see the different covers. Anyway, my choices are: #1 Red, #2 White, #3 Orange, #4 book 2, and #5 I like the grey cover set in the trees. Don’t ask me why. ☺️

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  2. I love posts about book covers, especially those that compare covers of the same book 🙂 I am intrigued by the “Watching from the Dark” covers, both are catchy in different ways. I would also choose the second cover!

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  3. Forget My Name.. I’d say the second! I really struggle with faces and characters on covers haha! I agree with you for The Escape Room, even though to be honest, none really appeals to me! I have the second cover of Never Tell and LOVE IT. Same for The Craftman, I own the first version and find it really cool. Finally, the second cover wins for Watching from the Dark!
    I love those posts! xxx

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    • Oh yes Never Tell is stunning if you have the paperback (with the orange edges!). I find it funny that Forget my name is almost the same.. I guess they couldn’t decide on the right color so they decided to use both :-). Thanks for these excellent choices lovely!


  4. I actually prefer the blue cover with the first, mostly because blue is my favorite cover haha. And I guess I prefer the third The Craftsman cover as it matches the copy I own… Although I haven’t read it yet so I didn’t know the figure on the cover doesn’t relate to the story. xD I picked the same covers for the other three! xx

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  6. Nice collection!

    #1- I like the second cover. The lady is still there, but more a silhouette through opaque glass. Seems more mysterious to me.

    #2- First one

    #3- I agree with you here. Def the second one. 🤣 I love your description of the first cover.

    #4- second and third.

    #5- second. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a door spyhole. I could see that though. But yes, the rainbow colours put me off

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    • I can totally live with your choices :-)! It was a close call about that first cover for me too but the red seems more ‘dangerous’ and ‘red alert’ than the blue :-). Thanks for letting me know your choices, I love seeing what other people choose!


  7. That ballerina memoir descript is so spot on! I wouldn’t think it’s a thriller based on the picture alone. The first cover of the Craftsman… yea, i didn’t like that one. Especially compared to the rest, it just doesn’t look inspiring or appealing…

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    • That first cover of The Craftsman is a coffin. I did like the campaign because the proofs were sent in a box and the book was buried (packed up in plastic I think) under some earth. That way it does make sense 😊. Thanks so much Norrie!


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