I have a personalised library stamp! #StampByMe

Stamp by Me


A few weeks ago I found an English book in a Little Free Library (in case you’re wondering, it was The Ice Child by Camilla Läckberg) which made me very happy. I have read several novels in this Swedish book series about Erica Falck and Patrik Hedstrom in the past so I was thrilled to find a new one. On a sidenote: have you noticed too that The Ice Child is actually the combination of other book titles in the series: The Ice Princess (nr 1) and The Hidden Child (nr 5)?

Anyway I wanted to swap one of my own books in return but at the same time I thought it would be cool to let them know who the book was from. I didn’t want to just simply write it down in the novel though, not that my handwriting is awful or anything but there is no room for errors when you do it and with my track record… So I started searching on the internet and soon found this cool Etsy shop Stamp by Me. They are located in Spain and it was important for me to find a shop in Europe so I wouldn’t be charged with customs charges.

I chose a design that looked great in the sample on the site and I asked to see a proof first which was a good decision as I wasn’t entirely convinced about the result when I received it. The capitals were a little too ‘loopy’ for me and it just didn’t look as nice as I thought it would.

Stamp 1

I honestly told Sara of Stamp By Me who was very understanding and she sent me a list of all the different lettertypes that I could choose from. It was suddenly difficult to make a choice so I ended up with four favorites and Sara sent me a proof for all of them:

Stamp 2

Which one would you choose? I actually love all of the above so scroll down to find out which one I chose…





Well I wanted it to look as if it was hand written so even if the last one is so aestatically pleasing to my eyes and it might even be my favourite design, I wanted it to be more personal and authentic if you get what I mean.




The third one is very black and this made me doubt if it would be a good choice. The ink would also need to be replaced more often and it would bother me if I saw it fading after a while so maybe not a good idea either.




It was down to 1 or 2 and surprisingly the choice was easily made.

Stamp 04

Oh before I’ll show you my decision I want to inform you that I’m contributing to the funding of a water well too with my order so I did a good thing at the same time.

The second one is well balanced with good spacing and rounded letters so that’s the one I approved 🙂

Stamp 05


Stamp 06

I’m ready to stamp a whole lot of my books!

Please note that I paid full price on the Etsy site and there was no partnership. I did appreciate however the excellent client service, there were several mails exchanged in a matter of days until I was 100% happy. That’s why I happily recommend StampByMeStudio if you consider gifting someone a library stamp, or want to order one for yourself. Do let me know in the comments what you think!









23 thoughts on “I have a personalised library stamp! #StampByMe

  1. Inge, what.a wonderful touch. I have been thinking as well that I should put something identifying in books that I give away, not for my ego but just to give the book some history. That’s the special aspect of “used” books for me.

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    • Exactly, you totally get it! I’m one of those people who’d also be super happy to find a post-it between the pages of a book with a message (I sometimes do) but they can take out the post-it, this is forever (unless they’d go so far to tear the page out of the novel but I don’t think any real book lover would do so).

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  2. What an excellent idea. I use to have a rubber stamp years ago (and lost it). Oh, and your choice of text? Perfect. That’s the one I chose from your selection and for the same reasons. 😛

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