The Other Guest by Heidi Perks #BookReview

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Laila and her husband arrive for a week’s holiday in Greece in desperate need of a reset.

As Laila sits by the pool she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the other family staying in their resort.

Em has no idea who Laila is, or that she has been watching her and her teenage sons and husband so intently.

Five days later their worlds will be blown apart by a horrifying event.

Laila thinks she knows the truth of what happened. But in telling Em what she’s seen, she stands to lose everything she holds dear.

And what if she’s got it wrong?

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I was very excited (maybe a bit too excited) to read The Other Guest so it’s a bit surprising that I found this an okay read, nothing wrong with it really, but there just wasn’t enough in it to get me really excited about it. I did enjoy the holiday setting in a lush 5* resort on a Greek island and Leila’s people watching. It felt oddly relatable although I don’t think – I hope not – I’m that much into it as Leila.

Aside from being absorbed by the dynamics of a family of 4 (mum, dad and two teenage boys) and a couple of newly-weds who don’t seem to act very much in love, Leila also has her own relationship struggles, a relationship that feels strained from the start. It didn’t help of course that James decided to spend their money on this getaway while they need money for another round of IVF. Leila’s desire to get pregnant is something that weighs on them and defines this couple in the story.

One morning she finds out there’s been a tragic accident. When the police start to question everyone she asks herself if she should come forward with some information she gathered. But then they’d probably ask her how she knows this and that could be a problem… Bottomline is that everyone who needs to speak up is keeping their lips sealed. It was quite frustrating at times. On top of that Leila’s husband is acting a bit weird too, he seems to want to check out and get away as fast as possible. I felt there were a few dodgy persons in this limited cast of characters but there was nothing that I could effectively use to make any progress in eliminating them. The author clearly tried to steer me in one direction and I did have a lot of questions but even so if it’s too obvious I’m having none of it so I kind of rejected the suggestion on that basis.

All in all the story stayed a bit too long on the same level for me to be fully gripped and challenged. The last part of the novel was therefore also the most enjoyable part. I actually loved the reveal of another twist more than finding out the whodunit. A big part of the novel is building up to the reveal of course and it just fell a little flat when I found out the truth.

Overall nothing bad can be said about this one, it had all the ingredients that I love but it just didn’t come into its own. I hope I wasn’t too severe, I didn’t mean to be, but I believe her other novels are stronger. This author is capable of writing very twisty and unexpected scenes so I hope to discover all of that and more in her next novel.

I received a free ecopy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley. This is my honest opinion.


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