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First, some info about this hybrid game:

Hack Forward can be played solo or with multiple players (1-6 players), the full game consists of 8 chapters with 8+ hours of gameplay and a hundred challenging puzzles. It is available in multiple languages (EN, ES, DE, FR, IT, PT and in DUTCH) and you or others can replay the game after you completed it.

The storyline: You are hired to investigate a series of cyber attacks and, along with a group of hackers, you must discover the culprit.



Your experience begins once you get the box. Read the instructions carefully, type the game code into your investigator account, and then the fun begins!


The start was easy enough, I typed a secret code that I found in the booklet on the website and someone filled me in about the case. The first task that was set for me was reading through some news articles by clicking through a few sites and visiting a company website and after I had confirmed I had done this I was given instructions to compose an email to a contact person via email (I had to find the name and address myself). Exciting!

KE Activate Game

This game has 8 different chapters with about an hour gameplay for each. In Chapter 1 I had to visit someone’s social media pages in order to find a password to get into a computer and then watch and find secret codes hidden in several mp4 files on that computer. All of the words found and combined in these mp4 files would give me access to a website. It took me some time and re-watching some of the videos again to discover all the codes but it wasn’t too difficult to achieve. In chapter 2 I was given lots of physical clues to use. Some were quite easy, others (one where I had to think a bit more mathematically; don’t worry each type of puzzle was only used once so no more counting from thereon) requested a hint or 2 (I’m the best at miscalculating things) but it was all great fun.

bty  bty

I took a break after each chapter of the game. It is said beforehand that a chapter lasts about one hour but I think I went through some of them a little faster and I spent more time on others. I think their claim of +8 hours of gameplay is therefore quite accurate.

On to the next!

KE Chapter 3

There were several envelopes in the box so the suspense was kept until it was time to open them. I found papers but other – unexpected – things too in the envelopes (which I have no intention in spoiling for you). I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of items and how professional it looked.

KE Chapter 3 Envelope

There was text but not too much so most of the time is spent actually solving things. I was happy with the guidance I received via their site and I was always able to request several hints or even the solution when typing solution (I never had to do this last one though).

Chaper 4



This game was awesome! I’m not actually the best at this sort of adventure although I do love it, but I have no patience to search for an hour how to solve something when I’m stuck and I didn’t need to. I continually made progress and when I really didn’t know how to start with solving something I asked for a clue. I have learned quite a few new apps and techniques while playing this game.

I don’t want to give away too much but I had to insert coordinates on a map, play some oldscool animated computer game, listen to a clip in reverse, make a code appear on a photo by playing with photo settings, manipulate paper with temperature, get into a bank account by delving into ones Instagram, recognize a song, reset someone’s pin code by answering security questions… Don’t be intimidated because you’ll normally know what to do and even when you’re kind of a noob like me with the internet and apps it’s all very doable.

One of the extra perks of this game is that the game can be played more than once and it’s even allowed by the company to give the game to someone else. They can log in with their own username and password combined with the game key and start the game afresh.

My box – part 1 – contained only half of the full game which means the first four chapters, as I didn’t want to take too much of a risk if it wasn’t my cup of tea but looking back I wish I had gone for the full game immediately.

In case you didn’t know already, I highly recommend Hack Forward and it certainly is value for money. If you’re still not sure you can also play a demo of the first chapter on the Key Enigma site. In fact I enjoyed this one so much that I already ordered another box (Calling Card) so you’ll have another review to look out for later this year!

Check out their site for all the different games here

I purchased a game on my own at full price. This is my honest opinion.

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