Case 48: The Kidnapping of Isaiah Rae

Case 48 1

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What’s it about?

A free digital short story from the author of Falling and Hidden.

Featuring Selena and Ed Cole, from Emma Kavanagh’s new novel The Missing Hours out April 2016.

When Elliot, the son of an electronics corporation CEO, is kidnapped and held for ransom, Selena and Ed are brought in to act as liasons. To make sure things run smoothly. To make sure Elliot comes home.

But when Selena discovers that Elliot’s biological mother was recently released from prison, things soon become more complicated, and more deadly, than they can possibly imagine …

FREE copy on : Amazon (USA)


This novel is a delightful prelude to The Missing Hours and is a FREE download on Amazon. In this little short story we are introduced to Selena and Ed Cole who run The Cole Group, a company working the field of K&R (kidnap & ransom). If someone goes missing they get called and negotiate the release of this person, doing their best to bring down the demanded ransom to a manageable amount. The novel focuses on this one case where Selena and Ed are called to intermediate for Elliot and Thea. The plot focuses on how Selena’s services are really put to work when this couple’s little son Isaiah and his au pair Carmen are kidnapped and a huge ransom demand is given. Who’s behind all this and is it maybe possible that the au pair is in on this? Enough room for speculation. Even though this is just a little short story, the story was able to engage me from the very first pages. The author delivers a likeable and intelligent character with Selena and we can follow her investigative moves in a logical way from start to the – quite surprising – finish.

A great read if you ask my opinion, one that left me wanting to read more from this author.

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